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Preventing access to site directories..

Truly seen this, by testing it myself, on some websites. That is the right way to prevent viewers in addition to guests from about to a directory, like http: //www. yoursite. com/images/, and getting of which basic HTML number page that allows you to browse throught he / she files. I need it it gives a awesome " access denied" site instead I think this is done inside cpanel or anything, just not convinced where… Decide to put an index. html file within the directory. Users are certain to get that page besides seeing the service structure. They will however be capable to directly browse into the images (if many people know the names). Employ. htaccess instead… … provided you’ve got a host that can handle it (i. at the., not a n00b free one). Nicely, n00b hosts might go kiss: banana: ‘s ass. Grr… WHEN I hate n00bs, specially n00b hosts and also n00b scripters… Put this from a. htaccess file throughout whatever directory you’re looking for this to impact: Code: Options -Indexes This spins off auto-indexing, that (apparently) is with by default during your host.. htaccess rules inherit so if you put this with your root HTML directory … Continue reading

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Password-protect my whole site.

I want to password-protect the whole site. I’ve got CPanel nonetheless it won’t allow to do the / (public_html) seeing that password-protected. How do you do that: vintage: The best technique I’ve found is to use a mix of a single server-side include along with a session variable, i always tie into the unique identifier on the database. The pseudo-code would be something like this kind of: — Site determines session variable to check out if user can be logged in. — in the event user is logged with, he/she can log onto the site — if user is not logged in, he/she is redirected into a login page — if customer attempts to sign in and match is found in database, unique identifier is retrieved and composed to session variable Certainly, the exact syntax will depend on your programming dialect, but you have the idea. Uhm yes! But i’m not thinking about doing a entire PHP programming just for this. Can’t this be done which has a single. htaccess report i have got never used the. htaccess file but i assume it could, and there may be a tool above each of the forums to produce one. yep saw … Continue reading

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Developing Sites on sub directory?

is there methods to keep your site posted on the sub directory w/o the actual search spiders crawling it You can place a file in your root directory known as robots. txt, and use it to specify which subdirectories you desire spiders (robots) to steer clear of. The major se spiders usually esteem whatever’s in software. txt. Here’s one of these of the file’s articles (Any directory not necessarily mentioned is assumed that they are allowed). The remarks (i. e. that # and all after) are optional: Code: User-agent: * # apply rule to all or any bots Disallow: /cgi-bin/ # stay right out the /cgi-bin directory Disallow: /develop/ # stay right out the /develop directory There is also the meta tag route. HTML: < meta name=" robots" content=" noindex, nofollow" /> Useful in the event you cannot create a robots. txt report, although you would need that line throughout every file. thankyou quite definitely guys does creating a robots. txt report also help seo I don’t believe it does, but at the least it’ll keep individual files from being read*. Since WHEN I last posted, I read articles stating to stay your robots. txt file as simple and well-formed … Continue reading

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Web Development Space – Hosting

Hi I want to dabble even more in Web Development. I would love to potentially creat 3/4 sites. Are usually best and cheapest way I can do this Possibly there is anyone out there offering an offer on hosting 3/4 sites If so please reply and also PM me with details (i. electronic. secured server). With thanks Do you mean 3/4 TLD (top-level domains) Or maybe can it often be done via subdomains Via subdomains, you are capable of doing it on nearly all hosts. TLDs are only slightly harder, and might value a VPS whose configuration you’ll be able to play with. Ummm i basically prefer to creat 3 – 4 sites one for each person… so long while i eventually established a domain name that belongs to them and fwd that will it, im not really fussed how it’s done… Is TLD used by basically using every sub domain being a main domain you should explain more- many thanks Well, a TLD is like google. com. A subdomain is like maps. google. com. In case you could set up subdomains, then it really is easy. But it appears you can’t. Usually there are some hosts (like Site5) that … Continue reading

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5-10 Domain names pointing to 1 Hosting Name

We were wondering if it is possible. Having different Websites point to distinct folders on 1 Hosting site Case: Hosting is perfect for www. affiliatenetworksite. com To ensure the main domain title is pointing on the www. affiliatenetworksite. com/index. html But then have another domain name (Lets call the idea Domain#1). Domain#1 factors to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain1/index. html After that Domain#2 points in order to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain2/index. html After that Domain#3 points in order to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain3/index. html Et cetera. So your Websites would be like myvideos. com myelectronics. com mygames. com etc. I know you can use redirects, but they Still show the truth Location. I choose to keep the Accurate location hidden. Just show the Website itself and not the Hosting Identify. It varies according to your webhost. You have to call as well as email them and have your question. Some webhosts will do that for you (for extra fee, for each and every domain redirect). In the event the webhost won’t exclusively allow reference with a subdirectory, they for sure will allow redirect to the same root listing… in that situation, you’ll use. htaccess to accomplish the redirect to the subdirectories. No matter what, … Continue reading

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Subdomains or subdirectories?

Subdomains or subdirectories So it is basically the SEO question – Let’s say I will be developing totally free.com, and I will create various sites beneath that website, such seeing that " free of charge ringtones, " " free of charge games, " and so on.. Would that better to utilize subdomains (ringtones.free of charge.com, mmorpgs.free.com), or subdirectories (free.com/ringtones, free of charge.com/games) and what are pros plus cons of every method Thanks the content within the pages is more significant, but subdomains to help answer a person’s question. Sub Domains can be better…..

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