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Installing Apache on Win2000 Prof

So downloaded the zip, removed it, and published the install doctor, it’s claiming l should download and installation the. msi report. WTF how is the fact that meant to install Hopelessly lost on this sucker Go read the actual this thread during vbf i strolled justin through the idea i’m sure that can be done it! hold out on i’ll uncover it Yep here ya go: http: //www. vbforums. com/showthread. phpthreadid=157785& highlight=apache beacon Read everthing then ask queries! Thanks dude, apparent this can be for PHP and HTML pages… is better than me why most of us need two website server setups Psst…. you obtain the manuals and many cool demos on the PHP sites Am likely to be all over brussels: thumbsup: Nah havent experienced much time in order to resume me php knowing!! Focusing on some asp venture!! First i’ll get noisyplanet up on a server plus the domain name after that i’ll learn php! Php is actually great… and not thay hard to learn. Found some weird quirks around PHP, though… PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()         echo  $something;   //  echos  nothing But PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()       … Continue reading

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Suppressing the bots…

Do not hit me over the head if that is killingly simple (or in the event I’ve chosen an unacceptable section of that forums again: lifeless but – What makes one stop search engine optimization bots from running and indexing some sort of page that’s only up for test out purposes (I have done a search in this and similar questions inside forums and wouldn’t find any threads that seemed to fit). Thanks Sara I learned about it once just before. Something to accomplish with " trading program. txt" google it and it also will tell you how you can go about the item. Basically I do think the bot can read that file and inside the file you say to the bots what not to index. Don’t hold me to the, this is what There’s no doubt that I can keep in mind. http: //www. robotstxt. org/wc/exclusion. html That will virtually explain everything required to know, My own Darling English Went up. Yeah, do you really good internet site. You’re a wonderful resource, Game, let alone my knight in shining polyester…: thumbsup: And my thanks also to Daniel O.: basic: WHEN I shall check of which out and study … Continue reading

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Site Navigation [Footer] how many links?

Hi people of d’forum! Ive searched the forum but wasnt succesful! Quick question: Is there a regulation for how countless internal page links make sure you put at the end of your web-site (for navigation) If you see the 2 example jpgs (as working offline) normally the one has a link to each of the pages on coursesmart im building, the second has just the leading sections. Im certainly not any expert but i really believe that the first will be better for my SEO in this site (Oh here’s i right in saying this can be black do not lik SEO as i end up with one link for you to each page, and each link is always that pages title) What does one think Is this too busy What could you do Expectation your expertise can guide me! Cheers, Edd. 2nd one way too busy, i would complement the 1st. look neater plus much more professional. 2nd seems like a badly designed page with countless link as humanly possible 1st one to me: thumbsup: Cheers Karloff! I do agree which the second is that will busy! How many could you be tempted to put end of it of … Continue reading

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xhtml 1.1

do you find it worth it i could validate my internet site easily for xhtml A SINGLE. 1 but do you find it worth it heard that its definitely not too well established what everyone take on it positives an cons It’s a piece of cake. It’s just XHTML ONE. 0 Strict where everything that’s deprecated in actual fact not supported in any respect. Formally, it’s supposed to become even more XML-ish when compared with XHTML 1. 0. It’s my doctype of preference when circumstances allow it… although you will find one problem by using IE and XHTML A SINGLE. 1: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpt=25840 : thumbsup: must have really checked a person’s post 1st, kind regards Which doesn’t mean validating as correct XHTML is actually bad; -) Remember that since XHTML is definitely XML, you have to do things like <! CDATA stuff in Javascript rather than the old <! — –>. Not surprisingly, I don’t add JS in my code anymore, to ensure ain’t a problem! w00t.

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Hello all

Newbie towards the board here and also was just dropping inside ask a solo question. Hopefully someone/ will help me. I was curious about what script/language might help me in creating my own survey/questionaire. I’ve googled this but all I get is certainly caused by programs that exercise for you but I’d rather build my very own from scratch. Does anyone have a strong idea Hello riseofthevalk, This is the board! We mainly use PHP for the type of point. However, there a variety of other options. Do you know what languages ones web server encourages Pretty a great deal everything. I sent you a PM which includes a link to probably our surveys. Next use PHP… easy to find out and many courses. Replied, cctech. There’s no doubt that you should just simply post it these… it’s usually no problem finding some free service on the net. The book " building the obvious" right facing me made the mention of SurveyMonkey. Try out that out. It’s kinda restricted in its free version but it surely looks good. PS: Try and keep out with PMs, please. Merely discuss, it’s better for the community. That you’re right about benefitting the actual … Continue reading

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Q? Website through Fireworks cs4!?

And so, I’ve built this kind of decent website as a result of Fireworks cs4 & it can be functional about 25 pages. The only problem is when it lots, it loads with like strips along with boxes, the person We’ve built it for doesn’t like this, Does anyone get any suggestions on easy methods to fix this: -\ Got a website I’m curious as to how fireworks constraints this. I apply FW for layouts and always pondered. But I doubt there exists anything you can apply. Hello.. about fireworks i just now know it is better use for Lowering the website.. based on your Image size, Header, Footer Plus the Text and other elements with the web-page: thumbsup: and rest of the coding is edited within Dream Weaver.. Sorry for your slow reply. This website also oftentimes loads the content slower then standard sites. I decide on Fireworks for your Website because POST find it less complicated to incorporate many graphics and a variety of designs around textual content and drop-down choices. As well to be able to apply Fireworks easy drop-down menu tool. This link is world wide web. cashwell. net Please explain to me what people think, … Continue reading

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