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Website promotion

Hi there there guys, Please would someone be able to tell me what the very best method of promoting a web site using those engines like google so that your website gets hits, this is still all kinda new to me. Thanks in advance, Firebrand. http: //www. yahoo and google. com/addurl. html do it every day! Don’t do it too often or Google won’t index your website at all. Firebrand: there’s a simple formula and it consists of three things: 1) Submit to search engines like google once a week until your web blog gets listed on them (can persue to 2-3 months). 2) Get as many other sites which are relevant as possible to link to your site. 3) Be patient. Search engine marketing (the true SEO) is really a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating process, so be ready to devote some time and effort to your cause. Yet another tip: look at pay-per-click engines just as one source of traffic if it’s just a business site after you’ve established the average profit for each visitor (profit through website/number of visitors=average earnings per visitor. ) Welcome to the board, mind you! Some superb advice there males, I really do thankyou. … Continue reading

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corporate website design

Got any favorite, substantial scale (high written content, traffic) corporate websites Seeking cutting-edge design style sites with excessive functionality. I’m doing research for the next job and want any suggestions you could have. Thanks. cnn. com bigpond. com cabelas. com online world. amazon. co. uk online world. dell. co. uk online world. bbc. co. great britain www. dell. com is usually good, and I’m an every day reader of www. boston. com, who just did a ready-made redesign/reorganization of the site this week. I like it so far.

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I used to be wondering if you will discover any downsides along with using Server Part Includes, if so would you please let my home know because I am thinking of employing them with my own new site My business is working on. Thank you, Daniel I can’t view any obvious downsides providing you manage the web site structure properly. I used to be told that it can sometimes slow down your web blog Not in almost any real sense if the files are stored to the same server. I could see there being problems if you’re including files stored using a different host which host happens to visit down but just about any delay in locally included files will probably be far less versus time it uses to load even a tiny graphic. ah ok thank you for the aid. Depending to the language used, there can be a slowdown along with using SSI. Mind you, if your server has a decent amount of RAM inside and your site isn’t doing absolutely massive amounts regarding traffic, you’ll probably under no circumstances notice it because the difference is commonly in milliseconds. I lack any numbers on this myself, but this … Continue reading

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Client cant access site but i can?

Hi all, The particular website my consumer can’t access is definitely: www. lindahuntantiques. com – he can only access them when he styles in http: //lindahuntantiques. com I know the two would be the same and theres no fact that the www. — my computer is usually fine with either address. What on earth is wrong with your clients computer (if anything) Ive told him to keep trying. Cheers. Did you adjust the DNS adjustments any time in past times 2 days If you are, your client’s ISP continue to hasn’t updated its copy and so will have to wait for this to propagate. Hey there cutie, thanks for the actual reply. Actually he simply just emailed me at this point saying he was while using the Nokia 2210 cellphone to view the particular page – thats prob the key reason why it wasnt listed properly, hes about to try on her laptop when your dog gets home. 99% of the time, if you are able to see the site as well as a client can’t, the challenge is somewhere for their traceroute. They sometimes have a server timeout, a new missed hop, something similar to that. I usually explain … Continue reading

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want to open a website,help pls

hello, i like to open an online site, it will have a very forum with minimum1000 for you to 5000 member’s, additionally mp3 download. plus 400/500post a dayminimum currently pls tell me personally, what amount speac i want, what amount bandwith i want. u are able to see i’m totaly dropped: disappointed: it’s possible, not sure.. you would like 2GB space or even more, 6GB bw or higher hmm, 6GB bandwith every thirty days or day i would say monthly, these feats are to start, if you emulate, then you must upgrade. That all depends on an enormous number of factors. Earliest, if you’re choosing a very graphich heavy design on your forum, you’re planning to use huge quantities of bandwidth. For one project I get, we have 4400 members and average related to 300 posts per day from about 75-100 lively members. It’s a really " simple" deisgn as most things are done through well designed CSS along with very trim subjects (via an SMF (http: //www. simplemachines. org/) ). That site pulls between 20-35gigs every thirty days. What you must know is that many your traffic will come from people who simply shadow ones board and never post. … Continue reading

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Accessing Cpanel behind a firewall

An issue I’ve had for some time, is logging straight into Cpanel from work. Both Cpanel and Webmail are employing port 8081, and that is blocked by this employers firewall. A NEW workaround, is to put together a cpanel proxy. A NEW Danish indivdual (Niels Andersen) provides made a PHP script that sets this way up automatically: http: //cpanelproxy. net/ The script is opensource and can be downloaded and scrutinized. The autoinstaller (link for the page), installs the subdomains automaticaly for yourself. Soon after completion, you can obtain cpanel or webmail within the open port 8080. Normally you’d probably type: domain. com/cpanel which usually would halt while behind firewalls forbidding traffic on ports rather than 8080. It’s simple to type: cpanel. site. com and acquire access through opening 8080. Thanks – invaluable tip as I have exactly the same firewall problem. GIVES THANKS! Could’ve used this 30 days ago when I became able to waves some stuff at the office (locked down atm) although hey, better later than never!

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Is this a good idea?

I’m a new site master who’s going to be interested in attracting traffic to this site. I use a forum on the site, and I identified a chance to draw some traiffic by having a cash prize contest to the best web web site builder. Is it a superb idea http: //www. exchrome. com/bboard No. Especially since giving people 8 as well as a half months to enter is Far too long. I had been afraid that plainly didn’t give that long that i would not have enough entrants to obtain any real level of competition. I want to see the best in the best… shock made it possible for, database sites, and the like. Thank you for that comment, anyway. WR1000.

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Why isn’t code validity stressed here?

Hi, I am new to this site. The other website development forum I typical highly stresses legitimate and up-to-date value. I can recognize why. — Validation nearly would ensure site accessibility. – Proper validation helps make your code cleaner plus much more easily readable. – Validation shows which the developer understands this importance of standards-compliance. – Writing valid code shows which you care what articles reaches your website visitors. Etc, et cetera. However, after browsing by way of a few threads the following, I saw site written in broken HTML 4. 0, eyeglasses, Flash content, and also table layouts provided the thumbs. Why is always that they continue to learning. Thats the reason they posting that here….. I had been on my huge horse about online standards. Everything were required to validate, everything needed to be perfect code or maybe it was nonsense.. That was befor WE relized that webstandards will not make you funds. At least possibly not in and associated with itself. Must i code with webstandards Without a doubt, always. Does the client care Not any.. They just really want their site to work and make all of them money or yield traffic. So will WE do … Continue reading

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Why Your Business Needs A Website

http: //treycopeland. net/2006/06/27/why-your-business-needs-a-website/ A large reason for using a web site is to attract new customers through google. These days, people turn to Google and yahoo to find offerings. If they missed your business, they’ll find your competitors’ web pages. A high-ranking web site is most likely the most cost-effective advertising tool. Translated to the other side with the web site…. Everyone else is doing it. Due to the fact we can To display a insufficient strategic direction or even ability to focus To broadcast to your wide audience the actual inability to converse information Last but not least, to communicate we hardly understand a digital economy. That would often be where attention reaches a premium, and wasting that user’s time by simply " having a site to find" will be pretty lame. A digital economy rewards differentiation and innovation. Create a unique business proposition along with a crystal clear prospect of a customer niche — certainly not raw traffic. …. and develop the site. That’s marketing. Consider the third, fifth and seventh product as well as service you’re going to sell to the buyer. . Stop developing web pages in a ambitious vacuum. Too many sites are 99% price … Continue reading

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struggling with ideas.

Hello there, Concerning aquired a website name to a alternatively large city. The website name gets about 50 to 60 visits on a daily basis (type in traffic). Concerning tracked it, along with everyday is most unique IP addresses… like 10% will be return visits. I’m struggling with ideas. I put any poll up for people to fill available. The title can be " why thinking of here". Most advisors are out of towners in search of things in lexington. This partner, who does the programming portion, recommends a quite simple, non confusing routing system. Like, the index page could well be " what are you interested to do".. Then that might take to the following page that would break down their interests perhaps further. He says that the navigation would often be so simple, may well make the site popular in comparison with other sites which are cluttered. I have a thought to put in place a discussion online community. Also, to it’s possible charge businesses to advertise. Those are essentially our ideas. If anyone would have any good ideas in this, that would end up being greatly appreciated. I’ve never designed a site for a huge city before. … Continue reading

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