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Installing Apache on Win2000 Prof

So downloaded the zip, removed it, and published the install doctor, it’s claiming l should download and installation the. msi report. WTF how is the fact that meant to install Hopelessly lost on this sucker Go read the actual this thread during vbf i strolled justin through the idea i’m sure that can be done it! hold out on i’ll uncover it Yep here ya go: http: //www. vbforums. com/showthread. phpthreadid=157785& highlight=apache beacon Read everthing then ask queries! Thanks dude, apparent this can be for PHP and HTML pages… is better than me why most of us need two website server setups Psst…. you obtain the manuals and many cool demos on the PHP sites Am likely to be all over brussels: thumbsup: Nah havent experienced much time in order to resume me php knowing!! Focusing on some asp venture!! First i’ll get noisyplanet up on a server plus the domain name after that i’ll learn php! Php is actually great… and not thay hard to learn. Found some weird quirks around PHP, though… PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()         echo  $something;   //  echos  nothing But PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()       … Continue reading

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template sales

provides anyone created & sold PSD templates in that case, what industry and, if you dont imagination, list an average price. i have already been considering creating a number of templates but do not wish to accomplish it if it will likely be a waste of their time. kthx. WE haven’t, but many I realize have for vBulletin. It’s usually many hundreds dollars (around $400 USD). It can be very profitable but more on the hobby; I don’t imagine you could make a living on it. yea, i had figured may well not be a way to earn a living but one other way to bring in some extra money. WE don’t do themes. But the webhost I be employed by has recently pruchased two or three templates for their particular new sites. One was about $250 which will included main page, one interior internet page, and vB pores and skin. As a webdesigner, I have got sold numorous styles. Workout: 1) You should always watermark your do the job! Withought that folks are more liable to ‘rip’ your operate. 2) Always have a preivew of your design 3) Have a good discription. Simply just saying " I’ve a design. … Continue reading

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vbulletin sites

how to define some vbulletin forums around that specifically overcome editing your vbullein msg board like vbulletin. org and many others… That’s a common official one in addition to http: //www. vbulletintemplates. com/. We don’t let other technical discussion about vB here to forestall supporting pirates.

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Forum software

To start I just planned to let mods know I kept this kind of thread in below because I failed to really consider it a matter of web page design, but rather just straight up view. What’s your guys’ impression on software I have been doing a small amount of research and these and noticed basically each competitors in this particular market are (this site) as well as. phBB seems horridly created for templating, slow (I’ve heard) but not surprisingly is free. Invisionboard I’ve been very impressed by using. It packs just about all the capabilities vBulletin (2) offers, but of training is free. I’ve been looking through your coding lately, plus the templating system feels very intuitive and easy to run. Installtion is food, runs great and includes a half-decent skin. Furthermore the community with regard to iboard is rising exponetially (see world wide web. ibplanet. com) vBulletin seems to be the standard currently, but I can’t quite discover why. Not only are you experiencing to pay for the PHP/MySQL program, however , you must renew your liscence annually, abide by its policies and keep their copyright regardless of the. I had been just wondering your current guys’ opinion … Continue reading

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Which Forum Should I Use?

I’m sorry if this isnt within the right place to post. I became wondering which online community you guys advocate I use The 3 My business is most impressed along with is, VBulletin, PhPBB and also Invision. I have used PhpBB before however it went all messed upwards some how and from now on when i upload it again it happens with loads connected with random codes. Hence really between Vbulletin and Invision. I would prefer good admin methods, phpbb was very impressive with this, and the method to post " sticky" subject areas is fairly important aswell. What does one guys think Give thanks to you Daniel none of them.. If you have the option, just write your own personal forums. Otherwise i’d personally say Vbulletin we suppose. No i cant make by myself. Plus if i did i doubt i really could make it appear as nice while these ones i mentioned previously. Inless you are offering lol also, u would be surprised. These forums are definetely pretty, very well made though the programming itself is just not that hard. What a very arguable comment ofcoarse… I would assist you make some of your respective own but i … Continue reading

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Site ideas

Relating to huge ambition for your website, i absolutely sex them. But relating to become stuck regarding ideas. I am only 14 and so have no business or everything to make a site for but thought about want something i’ll get stuck in (i get diverted easily). Virtually any ideas The 1st website I made, about three issue, when I had been just 12 appeared to be a fan-site regarding my favourite COMPUTER game, Transport Tycoon. Do you know of a favourite Game, or perhaps people adore a Tv show Just something that could enable yu for you to hone your knowledge. What you need to try and do is to seek out a niche on the web (though they are very nearly impossible to find. Good luck. Thank you, ill keep that in mind That’s okay. I always needed a few ideas from others in the first place. You can a website on something which you find very interesting. I’m into anime, therefore I made an anime website. Try selecting something you would enjoy working away at. I don’t exactly determine what types of elements you’re into, so Make can’t make almost any suggestions. I are aware that you’re … Continue reading

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I’m trying to add a gallery to help www. SpeedysWorld. net I got a site working and am looking to get a photo gallery. I’d like it to be in the box with test, so the gallery would need to be edtiable to include it in generally there or something. I do not have any money thanks to spending money to the vB, someday I’d like to get a better Gallery for instance PhotoPost or no matter what it’s called, but does anyone know worthwhile gallerys they might recomend Please answer asap, cuz the photos are the most imporent thing with luck on my site. I also need a location for short movie clips, but I realize there’s no such thing to be a Movie Gallery. — SpeedysWorld Try this, you might choose a free one… http: //www. hotscripts. com/CGI_and_Perl/Scripts_and_Programs/Image_Galleries/index. html.

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Using .net environment for creating a website?

Need to start working using a website for Alumnus on the school. The challenge entails that A SINGLE. it should often be a dynamic site that takes inputs from users and demonstrates their input, 3. Should be created from a. net environment. I have not done this before rather than used the. net sale environment much. So if i DESIGN in Dreamweaver, when does the. net environment paly an important part in this website all things considered the pages are created. WHEN I assume the. net environment pre-requisitive suggests which they want more than a Dreamweaver site… Improved get reading, if i were you…. including J2EE,. NET can be a vast subject… I assume the varsity requires some form of dynamic content/database access Sean Indeed! Since the database certainly will not grow too swiftly, as not many students are graduating from your Universities computer knowledge department, they wish to use access. It are going to be duynamic content. So where should i start ASP,,,,. net sale Dreamweaver MX2004 encourages. Net with just about all (I think) of the stanard ASP. Net sale controls available (and some others addable by making tags). Database having access to SQL Server is integrated, but … Continue reading

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Interactive Contact form

I’d prefer to add the interactive contact variety where people might insert their artists, emails, comments etc after which it submit. Unforuntately I have got (pretty much) zero clue how to start this. Is it complex stuff You would like a server edge scripting language (PHP, ASP(VB, C), JSP, Coldfusion, etc) to do that. (the inputs can be stored somewhere WE presume). When you’ve got knowledge of a script language, it’s fairly easy. If not, you’ll have to learn one. That will take a little bit of time, but is very rewarding once you start to master the idea. Any kind of interactivity through a web site page (except switching objects around within the page/changing background color as well as the sorts), is exclusively achievable through machine scripts.

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Help with Forms and Databases?

My business is making a form to get a business, the data while in the form must be exported into ‘microsoft’ Access. I know programming using image basic, if allow me to embed a visual basic program into the webpage, that could well be easiest. I are able to go from VB towards the database, i feel. However, I can also use just a great html form in addition to send it to reach, i knew forms sometime ago and can almost certainly re learn all of them quickly. gives thanks guys, long time period reader, first time period poster. I don’t see a question during this thread – thinking of just thinking aloud and looking for some pointers You are able to create a form that submits that forms fields to a processing script which then inserts the data into your. mdb file. avoid, how do people recommend i do it How do anyone mean In my personal previous post I said the best thing to do. Feel free to use ASP or ASP. NET (both employ versions of VBScript) to process the form on the server side after which it use an ADO connection to directly insert on … Continue reading

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