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I need to put a section on my website, that only associates can access. I know a simple method of passwording it, although it’s hopeless, because you will see it in the actual source code, hence that’s pretty pointless. Does anyone know of a better way to do this If your host supports. htaccess information (free hosts may well not), then look at this out: http: //faq. smart. net/htaccess. htm it won’t let me do that, it’s as being a pain in the actual rear Carry out they support PHP, ASP, Perl, and so on. or just bare HTML If it is the latter then you’re basically screwed. Java applets aren’t a solution because they could be decompiled. We are using geocities, angelfire and also bravenet. WE’ve tried liquid 2K, but it is best to down. Vic’s hoping to put together an ftp server i a number of months, but most people need something to be able to tide us more than http: //www. internations. net/ Thanks Arien!!! *hugs* ((Can we’ve found the hug smilies back again please) Do they assist you to cross link That’s our problem, Vic made tons of backgrounds, but imagestation resizes and then, and no … Continue reading

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Convert templates into JPEG thumbnails

I have a handful of web site web themes saved as html files (index. htm) that we want to make thumbnails away from. How can I do doing this Thanks Vic I think the most effective way is to open in inside a browser, and then receive a screen shot of the current window (Alt + Offline Screen button), and then showing it to theme in your preferred image editing application. yeah that’s what I have been doing, thought there is likely to be a quicker technique. Thanks a lot IMHO, If necessary good size regarding thumbnails is 160 pixels large. That way ones image thumbnails will be easily recognizable. A quick way should be to write a script of which takes screen captures and outputs cropped/resized photographs. That is a huge time waster in order to write though. Thus, I recommend sticking to the traditional methods of getting thumbnails. There are programs that have screenshots automaticly plus save them. You can crop the area on the screen you should capture. Try looking on the search engines for " display screen capture"

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