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web design proposals and contracts

We have been looking for templates for site design proposals in addition to contracts. Does anyone know of an website or book which could have that method of information Many thanks! Man, i totally forgot coursesmart i found these individuals on, but we have a bunch my spouse and i downloaded, that are Really great. My screenname upon AIM is gtmcknight internet marketing me and sick send em to you You can find a " freelancer kit" from SitePoint. com for nothing. It contains web themes for various files you’d need along with several samples. i’m having trouble locating the freelancer kit. The author is " Brendon Sinclair", and also the title of the particular kit is " Freelance Starter Kit. " It looks like they are still not finished with restructuring on the site, so the link doesn’t work as broken. You can download the file I downloaded at www. nyt-design. com/misc/FreelancersKit. zip yes the link had been broken. good web-site there. thanks for any link. I’ll take a look Try online world. web-proposal. com thats just what i was looking for, thanks.

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Contracts and Rates

Currently I am a college university student majoring in Web page design. I have started carrying out a couple freelance projects to the side. I am running in to the problem where I do the work and my clientele are dragging out doing this. Either its i always get the layout setup also it takes them forever to receive me the images or content. Or maybe, that I obtain their site executed, Im just waiting on them to buy a computer (because they demand to update it themselves) and obtain hosting and your domain. I used to be thinking that an agreement would help stay clear of these problems. Does anyone get any examples or know very well what I should include in one Also what would be reasonable pricing regulations to follow in Nebraska I understand some places fee $30 per an hour. I told affiliates that I carrying out a page for right this moment (Spirit Enterprise) i always would charge all of them $20, because right this moment Im just really wanting to create clientele and a portfolio. If you want to see my portfolio and to give me suggestions on what I should impose for rates: … Continue reading

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Please help me decide…

Can someone please help me I’m enthusiastic about getting the products of 101mediapro… but i rarely know anything about the internet. A friend just simply helped me enter this forum. On earth do you guys tell me what you imagine of the firm thanks. The site address is internet. 101mediapro. com. Is relating to website design or web hosting services Alright nevermind. Checked these people out, they’re web design. Well they resemble a small provider, but their operate is exceptional. Just ensure that you don’t wind up with a cookie-cutter template. You could probably get a really nice style for not too much money (under $1000) from their store I’d accept most of of which assessment. I don’t know if you have access to them to do a website for under $1000 UNITED STATES DOLLAR though (especially if they need to promote it in search engines like google and use some kind of paid inclusion services). They do not look like they need a lot occurring in their portfolio (although they are doing have a several sites that required some heavy time period and effort) so that they may look to compensate to the at the expense of this wallet. … Continue reading

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Even worth making a portfolio?

I guess this can be sort of related to somebody that has actually gotten business of these portfolio sites… The following is my situation… I’ve always been interested in the web/computers. I started building my first webpages after i was… oh, declare probably 10-12 (’91-93: dismayed. In any instance I never took it seriously, although as time elevated I learned brand-new things here as well as there, eventually getting to the stage of writing my own html code, then I attempted ASP and today I’m pretty sufficient in PHP and also knowing some quite basic perl. This past year I got a career in an skill gallery taking photos with a digital camera and cleaning them up to send to this webmaster of internet. sdgallery. com. Hence.. I learned lots of Photoshop real quick after which it played with them on my own to the point where I can design my own , personal stuff now half way decent. I’ve also gamed around with flash somewhat (only know how to do movies right now) Today.. as far as getting covered webdesign, it’s all just sort of fallen into my own lap. People here as well as there have inquired me … Continue reading

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Website content?

Hi there, I’m trying to build a portfolio web site. I’m wondering just what sections and content I should include Examples could be great. New to this, sorry. Thanks for every replies. –trau Mostly your use a small story of what it really is, who it appeared to be for, why it had been done, and how it had been done. Type within " web design" online and look through their portfolios. " Regarding Me / Us" could have your Curriculum Vitae / Organization Profile " The / Our Perform / Clients" could have a listing of your work as well as client list converted by category. " Services" can tell people just what services you offer to them. " Get in touch with Me / Us" could have your email / telephone / address or maybe other contact information. mayby one can have a ‘request quote’ section in case your main goal was to market your services. " Require Quote" is an awful way to get a request. People purchasing a service won’t reply to something so impersonal to be a form. Always make your own email and number (address, too, in case you can) available on your site.

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UK Selling Web Design

This is along the very same lines as Brak’s post several below this one. I live in britain and was thinking whether anyone believed about any special things you must do to make money from my site designing I would really like to discover as at the instant I am providing my services for free to build up my portfolio.

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Fonts on the Net

I’m unclear that this can be a right forum to be able to post this into, but I have noticed that site uses the cool font (Trebuchet MS i think). Do you think that this is an excellent font to handy in web design, or do you find it best to stay with Arial Which font do you think is ideal, could you employ Verdana or what Furthermore, this site has online Explorer " Edit" button disabled. How do you do that. Do you find it worth doing this I such as veranda personally TNR isn’t good for web site design and whoever votes for it has issues. sylfaen a person’s obsessed with this font. Ever since I made Trebuchet MS the primary font at WDF, I’ve used it on just about any other page. It isn’t really as common seeing that Verdana, which is wonderful for originality, but still looks good. WDF uses Trebuchet MS because normal font dimensions, Verdana as the tiny font size, and Lucida Sans Unicode to all the small shots. I use Lucida Sans Unicode throughout navigation and pictures and arial everywhere else at this point. i feel so special. im alone that voted for … Continue reading

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Resolution Ajustments

alright guys we would like a little prefer. can anybody tell me are usually best way i always can get this webpage to automatically adjust into the user resolution. You should read the rules: There IS however, a tutorial for this in the lessons forum titled " structure baiscs" sorry i relized this after used to do it but we were unable to rub out the thread. what can i do. Nothing at all, a moderator will either move it the perfect place or delete it acceptable thanx NP. Moved on the Other Web Style and design Questions section, because answer to your question can involve different aspects of web design. Do not have the answer by myself. If you’re utilizing an image that includes a repeating background, you possibly can make your table span 100% wide. See www. turtletips. com for among this. Resize a person’s browser window, and you will probably notice that the full page resizes the idea self. Another path to take is to make your internet site a fixed thickness. If you help it become 780 pixels, when you find yourself guaranteed that every person on 800×600 as well as above sees (almost) similar thing.

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Creating member accounts

hi my organization is veryyyyyyy new to web design. I only understand how to do a handful of simple tasks inside dreamweaver like come up with a layer and embed a pic into that layer. but that is one thing i desperatley requirement my site. Member accounts for all users that register. just like during this site. I would like users kid make their unique accounts with very simple profiles and stuff like this for my concept board. so if everyone could give myself some begginers directions or point me out to somewhat of a web site which includes a guide on which or something i might REALLY appreciate the item. thanks Your current really off upon where you placed this. Read the rules along with the forum names when you post please. Among the list of mods will step this for ya even though. Well for some sort of members area your gonna need to learn alot. Personally i dont assume your quite ready for this if you still inside visual web design stage (i imply that in the new to web page design way, not putting down all of you using dreamweaver in addition to such ). My … Continue reading

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user bandwidth throttling

Good day there everyone! We are new to an entire area of web design, and need assistance with some issues We are trying to design a site with many downloads, some of which can be quite large (videos) and need to find out how I might throttle the bandwidth in accordance with the user my spouse and i. e ‘basic’ customers can download in 5-10kbps, and ‘higher’ customers can download in say 100kbps and also unlimited speeds. Are there any specific programs i can load on my server to overpower this thanks for virtually every help.

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