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Suggestions Needed – Auto Website Ideas!!!

Fulfilled this guy who seem to owns dealerships for just two big Motorcycle as well as Scooter manufacturers — he wanted me for making a website pertaining to him. Here’s this scene: ONE PARTICULAR. He’s a *local* vendor in two cities A COUPLE OF. Customers are possibly not websavvy – they will see his classified ads in newspapers and also respond – aren’t the sort who would get on to the net, and then look up scooters etc, and then come to her site to purchase etc.. SEVERAL. Doesn’t need any eCom solution – he handles his Manufacturers thro S/W that will they’ve provided – doesn’t require his own bit of Supply Chain e-enabled. Website, I need that you tell me: ONE PARTICULAR. The utility of an site for him – if we all make it A COUPLE OF. If we do ensure it is, what sort of site should the idea be What is definitely the features on this One idea — a portfolio of most models he presents, with on-the-fly generation in the model’s picture along with price details with whatever mix of accessories the customer chooses… Well then , i’ll know…. as soon as possible too… what … Continue reading

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Wav or not?

Will be best kind involving sound file to utilize for a web site I tried make use of a wav but for any 1 1/2 minutes song its for instance 12MB and im using a free host and dont have tons of free space that will through around. Can there be a better kind to utilize and the wav was choosing a long ass moment to load and play. I are to pages that are fitted with a song playing and yes it didnt take such a long time. Is this even though im on a no cost host so stuff arent going quickly is there a method to use like an Mp3 in an attempt to save space CD is good, for your web page apply something around 96 kbits/sec with the bitrate. QuickTime is effective too. However to consider that it is known as extremely unprofessional (and annoying to my advice, at least) each time a webpage suddenly begins blasting music.

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http request…

Hi, Formerly suffering with tinnitus having a dilemma accessing my computer system remotely via http. The best request to this homepage just hangs and I by no means get an realization. If i refresh the present request, the web page will load good. For instance if I key in http: //eshopsoho. com from a browser it will just spin it’s wheels and timeout. If i click refresh or load the page again it’s going to display as expected. Has anyone previously seen this behavior before of course , if so how did you found yourself in a solution. BTW — I have another site hsoted on the same computer but it does the same thing. Appliance: Linksys Router w/vpn (default options & latest firmware) Alcatel dsl modem Computer software: Microsoft windows Server WHEN I appreciate any results… Make sure you’ve got your firewall create correctly in that router. gives thanks filburt i do think i narrowed it into the dsl modem config…

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Bandwidth Leeches

What may i suggest to a friend who writes my family: The host provides a strong IIS/Windows 2000 server. They also give CGI, in the examples below languages: PHP4, PERL, SSI, ASP. Regrettably, I know next to nothing about any analysts. The only language I’m pretty good together with is HTML, which usually up until a short while ago, was all WE ever needed. The primary issue is leeches remotely relating to my visuals or sounds once i am the one investing in the bandwidth. Whether the people really visit my site isn’t important, especially since I provide all this for free. The website is averaging EIGHT – 10, 000 visitors via 45 – 50+ countries per month, so I am OK using the head count. I get specific site stats on a regular basis, and this is actually how I get the remote links. There are various different types connected with remote linking, they’re: YOU. They design his or her site, but rather than downloading my files then uploading them recommended to their own server, that they link remotely. Whenever someone visits the site and individuals pages are viewed within a browser, I finance the bandwidth. I get rid … Continue reading

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Lack of Ideas….

Razor Cutz is actually my little website, i know their nothing grand which i can do tons better, but we have been really from ideas right now…. so in the event you guys can give me ideas or such…. First idea is to shed the splash web site. It’s useless, and it took me a little while to figure out how to get into your web blog. At first MY PARTNER AND I thought your dash page was all you had up. The non-underlined website confused me. So far as what to include, it seems to acquire alot of what personal site might have: Journal, Art Gallery, Hyperlinks, Contact page, for example. I like the art surrounding the site too, good touch. thanky okay ill eradicate the splash site yeah its quite a personal site, but i dont really strive to be like every additional n00b personal web-site and i wanna put something more move forward…. i relish your artwork aound each one page!! its fantastic nonetheless as splufdaddy stated, your link desires tobe more noticeable. i believe you should throw away the iframe and allow it to become into a more professional looking web page. that should keep you … Continue reading

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form page help please…

I’ve made a form and i am ready to publish towards web. However once i do i understand this error message. Error 405 Method Prohibited The requested method POST isn’t allowed for WEB ADDRESS /mscharb/_vti_bin/shtml. exe/BookaParty. html now I’ve no vti_bin or maybe shtml. exe file upon my root server are these claims the problem If so where do you find this files to add to the server in making this form produce the exact result I want. I’ve never seen any shtml. exe file women and men template for the shape I used acquired it. You should Help Thanks in advance A. exe file is surely an executable program, no webhost would let you run a application on their equipment. If we might see the web page you’re working on it would be easier for us to provide you with what you need to do. http: //home. cogeco. ca/mscharb/BookaParty. html Recommendations the link towards form page. Thanks in your help in enhance. If you may make a mode, you need to create a script this processes it. You can apply this in PHP, amid other languages. The script you make should exist though, it can’t be Code: action=" http: … Continue reading

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Namo WebEditor

I anticipate using Namo WebEditor 5. 5 demo and We are worried about using it for Week and the wording it puts at the bottom telling about the trial version. The question Relating to is can I vary easy adjust or remove the particular text after building a large site, without editing every single page. Also what’s the best was to manage a large web page, I was told SSI would be ideal, but Namo doesent manage to do SSI. Fantastic, Gary Creed glcreedcharter. internet You might want to try Dreamweaver MX as a substitute (http: //www. macromedia. com/dreamweaver/). It’s not only now the market standard WYSIWYG editor/site office manager, but the trial run it offers is just not limited the slightest bit that I recognize of. I love Edit Plus A COUPLE OF ( www. editplus. com ). The idea colors tags and also text and this kind of different colors intended for easier navigation. This is certainly for code men and women though, if your doing full on video or graphic work then this is not for you. They have a 30 morning trial on them, but does possibly not stop working following 30 days. Theres no added … Continue reading

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Help Me With My List of EVERY File Extension

Quite simply, I’m making a new log analyzer program (that is definitely the first decent one for under $500!!! ). I’m trying build a comprehensive list of every file extension on the net that indicates your page (and possibly not an image/plugin/etc. ). Here’s what I’ve so far: html htm shtml stm php pl cgi asp cfm (no extension) I had been wondering if people guys/girls can think about any I might have missed. (Note: It _will_ be possible for individuals to add extensions in the preferences, but in my own days doing website development I’ve learned to make things as automatic as you possibly can… there’s more Grandpa Bob’s within the ‘Net than you would imagine. So, I’d like to try and get as numerous extensions as I will. ) Oops, did not remember jsp… there’s additional. You’re missing a few hundred, although your search is at vain. If I wanted to I may possibly serve a PHP web page under page. mysuperextension merely wanted to… . aspx . shtm . ascx . php3 . php4 . php5 . jst The examples below formats also assistance ASCII output: . txt . htl . xml . vrml . sgml . … Continue reading

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Making Menu buttons?

Hello everyone, well Now i am very new that will HTML, but I’m into numerous multimeda and photography and items like that.. so i’m preparing to design a website to showcase most of my projects. I’m preparing to try to design some menu buttons in Illustrator, what exactly I was wanting to know is.. do I can make the buttons a particular size in Adobe Illustrator itself or Am i allowed to just make the item any size Im comfortable with, and resize them in HTML next time i make the site thanks for all the help everyone.. I’m going to be around having more questions, definitely! I think its best to produce ur images from what size ough want them on. WHen i resized the images by value, they got the lil, well, not really blurry, but extra hard 2 see edit they werent very difficult 2 see becuz we were holding small, the images quality changed Did you result in a smaller image and try and resize it in order to being larger I’m certain the image top quality would reduce if that happened. Additionally, keep in mind that I’m making use of Illustrator, which is usually a … Continue reading

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