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template sales

provides anyone created & sold PSD templates in that case, what industry and, if you dont imagination, list an average price. i have already been considering creating a number of templates but do not wish to accomplish it if it will likely be a waste of their time. kthx. WE haven’t, but many I realize have for vBulletin. It’s usually many hundreds dollars (around $400 USD). It can be very profitable but more on the hobby; I don’t imagine you could make a living on it. yea, i had figured may well not be a way to earn a living but one other way to bring in some extra money. WE don’t do themes. But the webhost I be employed by has recently pruchased two or three templates for their particular new sites. One was about $250 which will included main page, one interior internet page, and vB pores and skin. As a webdesigner, I have got sold numorous styles. Workout: 1) You should always watermark your do the job! Withought that folks are more liable to ‘rip’ your operate. 2) Always have a preivew of your design 3) Have a good discription. Simply just saying " I’ve a design. … Continue reading

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form page help please…

I’ve made a form and i am ready to publish towards web. However once i do i understand this error message. Error 405 Method Prohibited The requested method POST isn’t allowed for WEB ADDRESS /mscharb/_vti_bin/shtml. exe/BookaParty. html now I’ve no vti_bin or maybe shtml. exe file upon my root server are these claims the problem If so where do you find this files to add to the server in making this form produce the exact result I want. I’ve never seen any shtml. exe file women and men template for the shape I used acquired it. You should Help Thanks in advance A. exe file is surely an executable program, no webhost would let you run a application on their equipment. If we might see the web page you’re working on it would be easier for us to provide you with what you need to do. http: //home. cogeco. ca/mscharb/BookaParty. html Recommendations the link towards form page. Thanks in your help in enhance. If you may make a mode, you need to create a script this processes it. You can apply this in PHP, amid other languages. The script you make should exist though, it can’t be Code: action=" http: … Continue reading

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Email server?

Not sure if this is actually the right place in order to post this, but I simply purchased a domain name with the particular intent of using it for email exclusively. I was questioning if anyone could possibly point me to a cheap, fast webhost that provides pop3 Thank you! : Chris What about something like: http: //www. netfirms. com They’re just about $5. 00 per 30 days. and also, http: //www. ipowerweb. com ($7. 00 per month) Those are pretty cheap with no banner ads. Should you be going to pay out $5/month, I recommed an individual 1and1 instead. If you’d like something more global financial: http: //uzipp. com/ 1and1 does not offer much with $5. 00/month. They offer the use of pre-installed CGI scripts, but not the CGI-BIN. No PHP, Zero MySQL, No SSI I’d never join that. uzipp. com looks very good though. Of course you’re right, MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t checked what exactly 1and1 gives to get 5 bucks, as well as it’s almost next to nothing. I signed up for his or her promotion of Three years free hosting that ended at the start of this yr, and it’s superb. 500MB HD living space, … Continue reading

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intro pages??

concerning a moonfruit webpage, www, thelongtimepromise. cjb. net – although i wana don an intro web page, just a poster or flyer advertising some of our next gigs, then when u click this, u enter your property page. i dont think moonfruit will allow me to do it, but there has to be any other approach 2 make this particular possible It looks like their system is actually all template tempted. I’m guessing fat loss make a dash (intro) page. You might need to find another webhost that is certainly just a webhost… you make your webpages (no templates). That of training would require you to discover how to make sites, whether you use like Dreamweaver to develop your pages, as well as hand-code them oneself. only let that happen if your fliers are realy good looking. Well knowing your ftp particulars, upload a directory. html, and possess the image acting being a link to mainpage. htm as well as whaetever. MY PARTNER AND I dont know moonfruit, they may not allow ftp.

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what’s the best software to apply to build and maintain a website that also possesses downloads forms intended for clients what’s the best software plus or program to apply to build and maintain a website where my purchasers also download and or prepare forms I are using a no cost site for 2 years now with no forms now my business is growing to where i really need them. u can c the positioning at www. hopeacademy. faithweb. com virtually any and all facts would b significantly appreciated much gives thanks What can you mean by forms It is possible to upload any. pdf file,. doc, or. txt document into your webspace and a link directly to it’s going to allow them that will download the document. Case: You upload an application you made known as: summercamp. doc uploaded right into a directory you contact " forms". On your own webpage, the link will be: < the href=" http: //www. hopeacademy. faithweb. com/forms/summercamp. doc" > Summertime Camp Form< /a> Because the file extension seriously isn’t,. html. htm. shtml the idea opens the filesave dialog box in Windows. —————————————————— Filling in forms is yet another matter. This might involve re-creating the … Continue reading

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what kind of webhost do you find for your client?

Now i’m starting new as being a web designer, and I became thinking about stuff I should concider once i need to arranged my client up using a webhost. what features a few pointer make sure they need for my client’s best interest what don’t you guys look for beware of partnership programs along with webhosts where I can get commission pertaining to bringing my people to them Get a reliable host and determine if they have a new referral program. I employed to use http: //www. accuwebhosting. com, but they have been bad today. Perhaps give thought to what you on your own would want. Imagine that the site you make for your client is your special, then seek out hosting which you would advantage from most. What it many comes down to in the long run is this: the most beautiful interest is your best interest. If you are offering to find hosting for a client, if said particular junks out it reflects on you also, not simply the crap host. When you have a host you are using now and it is reliable and encouraging, try using these people for clients.

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Have basic design.. Need Advice

Please click on over and look in the site layout: http: //www. bowdoinhamsecondbaptist. org/Youthgroup/main. htm I have used CSS to create the layout (well i acquired it from an additional site) and i want to know how to help make the basic frame standard so i need not recreate every internet page, just change the content in the center section. I would like to keep the very best, the 2 side navs and also the very last container standard, but contain the center easily adjustable. Is this doable You could use SSI (Server aspect includes) to re-use portions of code which might be repeated on a lot of pages. Have a glance at this tutorial http: //www. splodgy. com/modules/dokuwiki/doku. phpid=ssi_-_server_side_include It is just a site based about Blue Robot! His / her stuff is good. Make sure to change more in the colors, though–you don’t want him to feel much like the whole world can be copying his site, and you will not want people like me to learn that it was a little quick grab-and-go occupation. Device Side Includes, or maybe PHP includes, are ideal. They’re very easy to perform, too. Usually it is just a single line of … Continue reading

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