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Developer Portfolio Content

Feel free to maneuver this topic if it’s not at all in the correct part of the forums. I’m in the midst of creating my portfolio site, the thing is i’m not a custom made i’m more of your web developer plus applications developer. We have developed a few websites as well as a few programs. I was type of wondering if a person guys could assistance me out with ideas on what kind of content i will turn out putting in. Also a design scheme… not being a creative wordpress website designer i’ll be experiencing some ideas… so in the event you could throw just about any my way i’d personally be most appreciated. I am in much the same boat as anyone, and I’ll would like the replies you will get. I guess MY PARTNER AND I should ask myself a similar question I’d consult you: what service can you use to advertise as part of your site When you are selling yourself as a web developer, you should probably provide examples of the kinds of development that can be done: eCommerce, databases, whatever…. Identify the service everyone provide. What puts you before pack Why have been your … Continue reading

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What should I do with this layout?

I’ve had this format for nearly annually now. I enjoy it, and once i pulled it out today I realized how awesome it can be. Problem is, the content the item currently has was to get a site that will definately have a different name/purpose/etc. The look just didn’t fit the purpose And so, what do people think a layout like that should do What type of site do you feel it being Now i’m tempted to just allow it to be a blog design and style and give the item away to anyone… that’s my idea atm. Any thoughts http: //staging. neathdesign. com/whatever. gif I might say a cool and happening organization, like a startup technology firm. Suppose you transform your titles within the left to: " What the heck is Linux", " Free Download", " Understand how To" (keep it the way it is! ), " Help Forum". You get my drift. Not surprisingly, it can sign up for more than merely a linux company, but since this is very topical at this point, I thought to use it to illustrate. You can even keep your MySQL error Really cool design, by how! What regarding a travel provider … Continue reading

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My clients need to be able to manage their sites.

It is possible to best way to allow for my clients to be able to change data on there sites when they are up and running I offer simple cost effective solutions for with regard to small busineses. The tool does not end up being really flexible. The simpler better. Just someting that allows user to change text, pictures, and some of the more basic HTML CODE components. I understand about edit. com I believe there prices are too big. $25 for a day of editing! I am also aware of an program that carries for about $50. You’ll get $25 for reffering this program to people. Will there be any freeware which anyone knows concerning. Like i said I aim to offer people essentially the most cost effective option possible You’ll want to look into utilizing a content management process. WordPress and TextPattern tend to be two good free systems which might be easy to customise and twist towards shape. Expression Engine is fantastic but you should pay for a license for each site you mount it on. Macromedia contribute is a great content management software application.. It takes some initial setup and a license but is relatively easy … Continue reading

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For My personal blog, how can I make it so you can comment?

Without doubt, first post these, hows it goin A hopeful wordpress website designer to be hence I’m trying my best to getting a lot of advice and such upon HTML and this sort of. But I designed an affordable site, more to convey a blog. And Like the site below, I wish to know how you can perform it to help you have people touch upon what you published. Like this web site, when you check out comments, it stays in a page where each will are. http: //samii. jaded-hopes. net/ Virtually any help It is advisable to find a blog PHP script that you simply install, which almost certainly uses PHP along with MySQL database. You will find lots of free people’s… you just have to chose the one you want and install it with your website. THE word of alert though… in time, it will end up being filled using SPAM and hammered thus bad, you’ll stop up turning over comment feature. That is just the way online is getting now. Come at, its not in which bad! In wordpress you will find lots of spam plugins that wont let those nasty automations from spamming your comments. The … Continue reading

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Need Help Planning

Trying to work on an affordable site that’s a 30 minute receipe kind meal site pertaining to Diabetics. As a recently available diabetic I’m having trouble finding receipes which have been quick and healthy and balanced. So my question to all of you is what is the best ways to have a visitor come distribute a receipe, amount the receipe, plus search. I’m thinking of using wordpress for anyone this or any cms type web page.. thanks ahead It will have to be PHP/MySQL… However… There’s a chance you’re lucky here. There are numerous recipe scripts already made… That is one I found straight away. http: //www. pieces of software. com/php-scripts/repository-scripts/scriptdogs-recipe-script/ Need ideas of how good it is, but here’s a couple from the seek out: http: //search. askjeeve. com/searchp=php recipe script& fr=yfp-t-501& toggle=1& cop=mss& ei=UTF-8 I’m guessing there are one that works very much like you want. Many are free, some use a fee… When installed, then customize it to match your website.

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Disallowing/Banning IP address or email address in WordPress

Concerning been getting a great deal of spam (3-5 a day) lately, at my blog. I have the item set that I need to moderate comments, so they really don’t actually obtain posted, but I will be tired of requiring you to delete so a great deal crap. The content are from various IP addresses, but always when using the same email deal with. Is there anyway and keep people from ad with certain address (IP or email) I can’t look into it in the WP possibilities, as my host has been doing maintenance, so that is why I asked the following. Check that out: http: //www. justinshattuck. com/bannage/ Wonderful! I haven’t seen that particular before.

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Best resources for content entry

I wanted to require a poll and ask what everyone’s favorite resources they need for shortcuts together with webdesign. My biggest question is Needed to have resources so other, not web savy individuals could input content for websites that I’ve made. I just don’t plan to be bugged every 10 minutes to include something. Resources that I’m looking for is a good calendar, and just main content input. Also some other great shortcuts could well be welcome. I’m okay at HTML and flash, however use dreamweaver a lot just to create things quicker. However always interested in the next significant shortcut. SOME SORT OF lame answer, however, Google. I use Google constantly to quickly find things I would like. Instance, it’s hard to have people to key in a date accurately, so I would need a " date-picker"… http: //www. google. com/searchhl=en& q=javascript day picker& btnG=Google Search Or even, I don’t keep in mind how PHP displays the afternoon of year variety: http: //www. google. com/searchhl=en& safe=off& q=php date& btnG=Search For just about any PHP snippets as well as " I aren’t able to remember how"…. I use Google. Here i will discuss one I applied today: http: //www. google. … Continue reading

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CIW Qualifications

I am leaving school along with im lookin for getting some formal qualification in web development. Im looking at the CIW footing, Site Designer & E-commerce Designer as being a start, are these properly recognised in the uk and are they the type of qualification employers are looking for. I must be sure that this is the good choice as I’m about to be paying concerning USD379 or 190 GBP. What are your thoughts 379 UNITED STATES DOLLAR for how long If it is truly necessary, WHEN I guess. However, many web designers don’t have degrees like in which. You could look at a regular school, or even not look at college or get a qualification (after college) by any means. If your work is good among others like it, you will fare quite properly. Hi, Qualifications are good if you would like work for an agency as a wordpress website designer / developer. If you could setup as your freelancer then I don’t think a qualification is required as your portfolio and knowledge will detect whether a client will use your services. I went the typical root – institution, college then university or college. I study typical IT at … Continue reading

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What’s the easiest/best tool for a novice to design a site?

Only want to produce a website very same in format to the Huffington Post ( http: //www. huffingtonpost. com ) — blog, columns, articles, for example. Being a total web site design novice, would this be EASIER, and obtain a better outcome, for me to utilize: (1) any WordPress. com blog / theme (2) any Joomla template (with what plug-ins) (3) Additional What They are using this: http: //www. movabletype. org/ But I believe WordPress would be better to apply. There are the gazillion themes to watch out for (using Google). Discover one and customize it. If you’re considering having plenty of articles, you could try MediaWiki with a custom skin. http: //www. mediawiki. org/wiki/MediaWiki.

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You want to create an online site that one user may then go in and also edit it not having messing it ” up ” just minor points changing status and what n’t any idea’s Use PHP together with simple text files. Your page is like " directory. php" instead connected with " index. html". In which case you have text file(s)… instance, one called " section1. txt" To display in which text file in your page, you place in this line where it can appear: < php include(" section1. txt" ); > Currently, you just really need them edit your text file besides the particular webpage… use PHP to do that too. Another type of PHP script that will edit a text file. Remember that using PHP… PHP is usually a server-side language, consequently the page is generated through your webhost. That means you are unable to view the page offline on your personal computer (unless you have your own server). Make PHP changes, upload the data and view your webblog online. Same task with your copy file(s). If you possibly could make it talk with a text file and understand this power of PHP and make it work, … Continue reading

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