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Question for EVERYONE

This question may be for all webmasters who own their domain name. Dilemma, If you could buy any (super professional) php script and that is a web dependent email system, super professional with all the current bells and wistles intended for under $70 PEOPLE which would assist you to offer web based email world wide web membersand visitors without the require root access on the server, would you acquire it Possibly but I for around don’t want a real script from the start. SquirrelMail ( http: //www. squirrelmail. org/ ) works fine to me. So I guess what you need is no.

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Messed Up IE

Given that i re-installed world-wide-web explorer 6 it’s connected slowly to help sites on many occasions. What i did is reinstall it again understanding that didnt work and relating to downloaded nn7 which is alot faster. Will there be any settings in IE6 that might be causing that I found these types of threads that look to be similar for you to yours. Do any of these help New site design is getting messed in place when viewed in the high resolution by hybridgaming from the forum General Design If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to assist you more. I believe from the past threads I’ve witnessed from you that you are just hitting your time and energy for a reformat. Considering how IE is usually integrated with Home windows it’s hard to really do a thoroughly clean install of just it. Or unless you want to accomplish that (bad idea) consider http: //www. mozilla. org/ which has a browser more successful than IE in a great many ways. i totally gained my computer to be able to factory settings about a month ago, thats once the prob started developing, i will look at … Continue reading

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Choosing a layout

What layout regarded as a use world wide web. geocities. com/gamingliberty or world wide web. geocities. com/gamingliberty/tester. html page I found these types of threads that look to be similar for you to yours. Do any of these help layout by DevilishDreams in the forum General Design Here’s my layout… by LeaDxPainT in the forum General Design comments to the layout. by p3t3r in the forum General Design Layout in addition to Quicktime issues inside i. e. for mac by IndustriousBird in the forum HTML as well as CSS If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to assist you more.

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web addressing question

Please huh if this can be a stupid question or merely came to a different place to understand this question aswered. I’m a self coached computer guy seeking to understand what will be happening here… Once i open a. cmp promt and enter: ping google. com, the item shows an IP adress of 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED. If I enter google. com inside browsser adress bar I get the search engines, but if I enter 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED I get anything else. Why may this happen What the heck is at the device to dirrect me on the main page next time i surf there yet my. cmd promt pings a diffrent page Thanks for taking a look. Ruk Probably try pinging internet. google. com. Used to do that and got a diff. IP then you. I am less than sure what site you want to reach though.. You got it, they’re different IPs. internet. google. com is definitely 216. 239. 53. INFO and google. com is definitely 216. 239. 27. 100. and ofcourse the IP the. cmd promt pings is different page as one you get if you type that similar IP addy the. cmd promt is pinging … Continue reading

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Apache as Open Proxy

Concerning Apcahe 2. 0 installed at my computer and get quite a worrying problem. When the webserver is actually running anyone implement my computer and my IP tackle to browse the world wide web with this uncomplicated HTTP request: telnet mycomputer. co. uk 80 HAVE http: //www. ‘microsoft’. com/ HTTP/1. 1 Host: www. microsoft. com I have definitely not yet found the best way of disabling the following behaviour though Apache plus was wondering in the event anyone know of the way and often imagain it posese quite a few obvious security problems. You can easily change your opening number from EIGHTY to something much less common, or block use of that to merely the IPs for you to use to admittance your server.

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Bulk emailing/bulk emailing software

I’m not an advocate of bulk email in general due to UCE implications along with the strain it is efficient at putting on your server, and up to now I haven’t executed anything before associated with it. I have a very client, however, who keeps annoying me about developing HTML-based emails which he wishes to send to his / her offline customer base of about 3700 men and women. I write anything in ASP that might somewhat emulate vBulletin and accomplish this: nevertheless, it would take a fair period of time and for many realistic intents and purposes a lot more than I’m willing to spend on it and more than it’s really worth to my client. I am just half-debating on mastering ASP. net (I’ve picked up an amount of it), since from what Allow me to gather, it can parse the contents of an Word 2K record and allow said contents to be manipulated. Mind you, I haven’t discovered any sites in which explain. NET in any way that makes feeling (save for W3Schools, and in addition they only cover several things). Keep planned I don’t have got Visual Studio. World wide web either. So my question is … Continue reading

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uploading fireworks .gifs

ok, if I were to create one change around text on my own site in fireworks, why do I need to upload all with the files over again there has to be a shorter path to having to redo all this uploading with just one simple change. Well should your text is in a very. gif, that’s your own first mistake. Text need to be typed out so that it gets indexed by search engines like yahoo and users can certainly select it to be able to copy/paste. You should have only to upload files that were changed since the past upload. If you can give us a url or something for us to check out, that may very clear this up. Likewise, your browser’s cache might have something to can w/ this. While you make a transform, clear your browser’s cache (Tools > World-wide-web Options > Remove Files). That will be the problem too. as well as press ctrl+F5: traditional:

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New board new ideas?

I am aware in this competive industry, starting a aboard is hard in order to get it to help survive is trickier, so i came up with theme that assaults peoples attantion all of which make them appear and maybe join world wide web. f***yourhost. com " interesting name but significant board " Now i am aware it will offend lots of people but its meant to harm no one just stick out and get focus, were giving at a distance t-shirts and cash if anyone is to get these people interested, any ideas or imput will be greatly accepted.

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Forum software

To start I just planned to let mods know I kept this kind of thread in below because I failed to really consider it a matter of web page design, but rather just straight up view. What’s your guys’ impression on software I have been doing a small amount of research and these and noticed basically each competitors in this particular market are (this site) as well as. phBB seems horridly created for templating, slow (I’ve heard) but not surprisingly is free. Invisionboard I’ve been very impressed by using. It packs just about all the capabilities vBulletin (2) offers, but of training is free. I’ve been looking through your coding lately, plus the templating system feels very intuitive and easy to run. Installtion is food, runs great and includes a half-decent skin. Furthermore the community with regard to iboard is rising exponetially (see world wide web. ibplanet. com) vBulletin seems to be the standard currently, but I can’t quite discover why. Not only are you experiencing to pay for the PHP/MySQL program, however , you must renew your liscence annually, abide by its policies and keep their copyright regardless of the. I had been just wondering your current guys’ opinion … Continue reading

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I kno its wrong

(please really don’t ban me due to this post) I downloaded a test of namo world wide web editor 5. 5 full version with the animation tools, picture slicer, and webcanvas for just a free 30 daytime trial period. consequently i used this to edit the website, then following the 30 days them wouldnt run hence i reinstalled the item, but they had some sort of program or script which knew who’s wasnt initially that it was installed. So i bought quite angry and started searching the online for how in order to reinstall namo webeditor FIVE. 5 trial i found no results ; however , i came across an online site which had a url to ************* i clicked it downloaded the program and ran it while in the **********directory.. consequently its tricked this pcrogram into thinking that it’s just a fully registerd course, and im having free updates for this as well. It also has removed every one of the blocks on the trial and i will use every characteristic.. There’s no doubt that that is amazing but i would also like for you to kno, is this a regulr thing Folks dowloading software along with cracking it … Continue reading

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