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Developing Websites with XHTML and CSS

http: //home. comcast. net/fredv4/xhtml/ Was mandated to link to them to retain this formatting. This should be only version 1. 0, model 1. 1 using more in-depth explanations of PHP plus CSS to explain certain issues. This and your osCommerce topic were said to be tutorials, but oh yea well.. If you need to submit them while tutorials, you have to attach them or even post their full text here. Goodness me, I didn’t find out. Should I re-post these individuals Yes, you possibly can, if you attach or post fully text Whoa, now THAT’s formatting!

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Using layers…pros-cons.

My business is planning to employ Layers on the site. it is so simple to use and configure these people on frontpage 2004. thing is… instant messaging wondering if there is certainly a drawback (gotchya). instant messaging sure it exclusively supports certain editions of IE. and why don’t you consider mozilla gives thanks.: classic: Layers do anyone mean floating divs Begin using them correctly they can enhance your site 500% if you are using them incorrectly you’re better off applying tables. hmm. i recently know them seeing that layers. in frontpage 2004 its a little click and you got a window you are able to move around anywhere you wish. carry out layers hurt site loading time Layers reduce loading time as they use less rule than tables, but they have to be done inside hard xHTML and also CSS. With Frontpage 2004 you may not stand a probability in hell of having them x-browser similar value, or even for you to display well throughout IE. Is there a easy method to do it the best ways Perhaps there can be a better wysiwyg I do not own much coding practical experience. ryan Well you could go among either two … Continue reading

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Site validation issue

I merely got my site 100% valid XHTML JUST ONE. 0. And many was fine along with merry. It displayed nicely on all browsers and I got happy. Now immediately I added some sort of link somewhere while in the page and these have completly messed it all up. It can be fine in Firefox, that’s a surprise. This occassion the problem is within IE. Can anyone look at www. danieloliver. net on Web Explorer and view what they think can be wrong I cannot find anything. TDs in place for grabs. Desprete. Regards, Daniel Oliver. i’m getting lost down the middle of your tds and image names devoid of meaning, it looks like IE is attempting to give the cell a height cost, try setting the value yourself if an individual didnt already, try deleting the actual link and determine if it corrects the situation. I managed delete the connection. I compeltly re-did it all. And its removed really strange. Tried what people said but didnt often work. Does anyone possess a clue as to what the challenge may be Attempt to use CSS to help adjust the height belonging to the table/cell that features the content area. Likewise, … Continue reading

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When designing a fresh layout using XHTML in addition to CSS I started to type all of it out and then at a later date, about an an hour later, looked back and realised i would used a tableless design, without even pondering.: O Its not that scary but Its shocking considering I employed to use tables at all times. LOL. Yes, I’m using tables less and fewer in design. It just would make the script so much cleaner to work with divs. Still, I never use divs a lot of. What include the main tags utilized in tableless layout DIVs in addition to SPANs Within my latest tableless format, DIVs and SPANs will be the most commonly utilised element. I suppose then again that heading tags needs to be used more normally. POST use < P> in addition to < UL>, < LI> tags for positioning and laying out text within a large DIV. I believe people overdo the idea with divs plus spans… remember that each element has the purpose… that’s why these were created by the w3c. The ones that are no longer needed are " deprecated". It’s your responsibility to be a good web designer to … Continue reading

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Help with starting out

I recently got dreamweaver in addition to flash etc etc and I want to start making websites. I have done loads ahead of but they where by only side projects that never became finished or exactly where really basic. I need to start generating them better more just like a pro instead with some twat using frontpage. Are available any tips or even things I ought of do to start straight into serious web-design Study XHTML or HTML DOCUMENT CSS befor people fire up virtually any software. Also find out CSS. You do not need dreamweaver or flash to generate websites.. In fact several horriable sites are desined in those applications each day. Creating a professional site is just not what the application does.. that is around the desinger, these are just tools. I cannot emphasise how important learning how to correctly markup your current pages is, Much more times then certainly not, if you make use of dreamweaver in design mode as opposed to working with the code, Dreamweaver can hack up your code, and you won’t need to know what’s taking. So you need and therefore open the lid and know your way around. Dreamweaver cannt right poor … Continue reading

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Browser Weaknesses

I’ve finally got all around to making the page valid XHTML 1. 0 Transitional, but although it’s valid, i realize you can still get differences along with different browsers. I’ve heard from through at SitePoint community forums that as browsers render pages in another way, you need to understand about weaknesses in Browsers, and when there is when you take a step which messed up in a certain browser, therefore , the main questions i have here are. 1) Is there just about any Emulation program or script on the web that shows you what a page will look like in every diverse browser, across most of OS platforms (e. h. IE, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Safari, Myriad, etc). 2) Is right now there any specific site online dedicated to informing people around the problems in various browsers I’ve searched from the W3C site, but it really still doesn’t really clear stuff up with luck.

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Can’t see form in Dreamweaver – noob (of course :)

Hello there everyone, We’ve just started using dreamweaver mx 2004 and We’ve been asked to update an internet site for another person (first job). The problem is there are a few forms on the web site which my partner and i can’t see when i am in style view of dreamweaver. I’ll see the code as it and when WHEN I execute the site, the form can be obtained Its just unavailable to edit within design view. Can anyone help with this obvious noob concern thanks Jezzo Please don’t double post. How are you coding the form as this may be causing the matter (this is a new wild shot). sorry about the actual double post — basically it’s Xhtml – but for some reason there is the design-view problem (uneditable).

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W3C validation

I became wondering how the majority of you make in force W3C websites. I did a search by using yahoo for internet site design and I cecked the initial 10 companies detailed and none of these are W3C legitimate. How important it really is that the web pages you create are usually W3C valid All my sites comform towards the W3C specifications. I think it is significant more people start designing their web sites with web standards. Although I do not believe that it is vital that that they " vailidate" for the W3C validator. When you have attempted to get near it then sometimes that could be well enough. The validator is merely to check as a result of your work. It doesn’t detect everything. If your webblog validates it doesn’t mean your site conforms to the online standrds. For example We’ve designed a internet site with tables to support present the system, something which may be known as a big no no in lots of web standard advocate’s eye balls, and still got it to confirm. You are advised not to do so having tables and use then only for tabular data. People not prepared change from utilizing … Continue reading

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I’m really not sure where in order to post this, so I apologize if it’s not in the section. I have been doing xhtml, and css for approximately half a calendar year, and was thinking what area I should focus on learning next. I am really weak within the programming department, and it’s time with luck to learn any scripting language (client or perhaps server side). I have done a certain amount of javascript, such as utilizing it in mouserovers about image maps, but thats concerning this. I honestly have difficulty coming up with things to do with javascript, period. I know it really is used for files validation, but the many useful website features need a server side scripting terms. I would like to continue improving my web expertise, but I have no clue where to move from here… Regarded as a learn asp, aspx, php, javascript, or maybe do most site developers buy screenplays, and just learn the basics (installing them). I am completely lost. What kind of skills does it take to obtain a job, as any web-developer, or web-programmer, or what skills does an individual need to initial their own web company I understand I’m no-where … Continue reading

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Will Firefox change the way we program?

I’m sure many people have heard: " Why bother for making it compliant Most people use IE but it doesn’t care for standards exactly why should I" Properly, with more plus more people turning to help alternate browsers (especially Firefox) is it time for people to acquire their ass straight into gear and produce accessible, standards-supporting web sites My site stats show that 52% connected with my visitors apply Firefox with 40% utilizing IE. Fortunately my website is viewable correctly both in validates as XHTML JUST ONE. 0 and CSS compliant. Despite the fact that I’ve demonstrated, IE’s dominance is collapsing and hopefully it will mean an increase in the volume of sites that can validate. And that isn’t just a plea to us web developers, but to the businesses that make that WYSIWYG editors. Surely you may make standards compliant code I’m sure you can modify the code granted but I bet the majority don’t. In any case, I hope help support Firefox keeps at increasing as Microsoft obviously have lost the block with IE (where can be fully alpha transparency support Surely they are able to have put that will into SP2 Think about increased standards support) and … Continue reading

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