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Heya guys! WE didn’t know where else to pu this question so MY PARTNER AND I put it here. Does anyone reccomend a good webring to take part in It for an enterprise owner I’m setting up a site for. With thanks! I suppose not lol Yahoo incorporates a bunch but I have never really applied a webring.

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web addressing question

Please huh if this can be a stupid question or merely came to a different place to understand this question aswered. I’m a self coached computer guy seeking to understand what will be happening here… Once i open a. cmp promt and enter: ping google. com, the item shows an IP adress of 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED. If I enter google. com inside browsser adress bar I get the search engines, but if I enter 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED I get anything else. Why may this happen What the heck is at the device to dirrect me on the main page next time i surf there yet my. cmd promt pings a diffrent page Thanks for taking a look. Ruk Probably try pinging internet. google. com. Used to do that and got a diff. IP then you. I am less than sure what site you want to reach though.. You got it, they’re different IPs. internet. google. com is definitely 216. 239. 53. INFO and google. com is definitely 216. 239. 27. 100. and ofcourse the IP the. cmd promt pings is different page as one you get if you type that similar IP addy the. cmd promt is pinging … Continue reading

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Website promotion

Hi there there guys, Please would someone be able to tell me what the very best method of promoting a web site using those engines like google so that your website gets hits, this is still all kinda new to me. Thanks in advance, Firebrand. http: //www. yahoo and google. com/addurl. html do it every day! Don’t do it too often or Google won’t index your website at all. Firebrand: there’s a simple formula and it consists of three things: 1) Submit to search engines like google once a week until your web blog gets listed on them (can persue to 2-3 months). 2) Get as many other sites which are relevant as possible to link to your site. 3) Be patient. Search engine marketing (the true SEO) is really a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating process, so be ready to devote some time and effort to your cause. Yet another tip: look at pay-per-click engines just as one source of traffic if it’s just a business site after you’ve established the average profit for each visitor (profit through website/number of visitors=average earnings per visitor. ) Welcome to the board, mind you! Some superb advice there males, I really do thankyou. … Continue reading

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Yahoo Webhosting – Page Include Problems

Do you find it just me I just now took over updating a website that is hosted on Yahoo, and for your life of us, I can’t figure out how to make a page include work. This should be pretty simple, right I’m not a guru or a skilled, but I are advanced enough (or hence I thought) to try and do manual HTML coding, or anything else., and I’m a excellent Javascript cut-and-paster. I’ve sent 2 E-mails recommended to their Customer Care – still waiting for a reply. Has anyone had this issue, or can any person tell me easy methods to fix it I think I got it to your workplace once, but all of a sudden, they just don’t work anymore. NOTHING AT ALL.: ichatangr Any help could be GREATLY appreciated.: ichathapp Thanks a lot. Hi webbee, and welcome to the board! Los angeles injury attorney Yahoo Webhosting won’t answer this question is because it falls outside the normal bounds of website hosting tech support. Most hosts would not answer questions in connection with design of a site unless it relates to one of the components of the server not doing work or something of this nature. … Continue reading

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uploading fireworks .gifs

ok, if I were to create one change around text on my own site in fireworks, why do I need to upload all with the files over again there has to be a shorter path to having to redo all this uploading with just one simple change. Well should your text is in a very. gif, that’s your own first mistake. Text need to be typed out so that it gets indexed by search engines like yahoo and users can certainly select it to be able to copy/paste. You should have only to upload files that were changed since the past upload. If you can give us a url or something for us to check out, that may very clear this up. Likewise, your browser’s cache might have something to can w/ this. While you make a transform, clear your browser’s cache (Tools > World-wide-web Options > Remove Files). That will be the problem too. as well as press ctrl+F5: traditional:

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Suggestions for Free Web-Based Fourms (non PHP)

I’ve come to an awareness that yahoo does not suppourt php, and I are not aware of much about php also, I just want a superb solid web-based fourm, any kind of suggestions With thanks, Chad I’m fairly sure that Geocities won’t support anything yet HTML, so you’re effectively completely beyond luck. Your two alternatives are either (1) purchase a host that can handle PHP/MySQL/another server-side vocabulary, or (2) work with a remotely-hosted forum. If you know ASP, you can use Brinkster to setup a " forum" of sorts in that you may set up form-to-MS-Access database by it. However, they do not necessarily allow any form-to-email so you’ll must pay pretty close attention towards forum if that grows. Hi there… the website is http: //ktmonks. port5. com, and I’d like to create a strong " links of interest" page, which would include at the top of the page, a tiny form with name, url, and story feilds.. so that will when someone visits " post", their posted website and description would appear within a table below the form. does that help to make sense basically Im seeking to reproduce http: //endless. ws/lotm. WE run a site using greymatter, but … Continue reading

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Stupid question

Within e-mail, when somebody is provided with a message that was BCC’ed to these people, does that imply that the From will be hidden Not a chance, it looks including they recieved a persons email actually… the To handle will say who seem to the message was actually sent to. Example The header from a email I routed: Directed from: sconnorhartford. edu Sent to: splufdaddyyahoo. com BCC: scottscottconnor. com The header that the actual scottconnor. com e mail had: So far as the outlook GUI moves, outlook displayed the item as From hartford, to yahoo. Acceptable, I get that. ($5 available for you ) Many thanks.

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Best ShoppingCart Software?

Good day, I’m building a website for the shop of our mum. See this thread to the design: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thread6622. html But that doesn’t matter. Were planning to create an internet shopping cart. But we need software for your. I’m asking ones opinions about what you would imagine the best looking cart software is definitely In addition, I don’t need free software and also try-out stuff. Payment to the shopping-cart isn’t problems, I need great software Thx ahead of time. confidence I trust Amazon, Yahoo, and Paypal all have a quality carts. Paypal Euhm that isn’t the reason I mean a code for the actual website where products may be placed on as well as viewed. People can place decorative accessories automaticly in some sort of shopping cart if they are finished, they can invest in Yes, that’s precisely what I meant. All 3 of people sites have carts you could put on your page so people can afford your products to suit your needs, but those websites process the cart to suit your needs. Usually they receive a small fee from your transaction. Ow.. hmm I am going to see. I was more thinking of something I … Continue reading

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Hit Counter

Fine, this is what I’m trying to find: A FREE OF CHARGE hit counter that (1) doesn’t really need script on my server to figure (or does on another person’s server (2) does not put an unsightly graphic or mouse on my internet site. Virtually any help greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Good chance finding that, a free of charge counter that wants nothing in return (ie. no advertising). An excellent free PHP script that we use and love is available at www. ekstreme. com. Seems that his / her site is during a server step though. It uses txt files as an alternative to SQL databases, and it’s actually a VERY easy to run. If you’re involved, let me know. i used to use one which i found on yahoo and google. It was cost-free, invisible and they will wanted nothing in return. but sorry, i’ve forgotten what the positioning was. In addition, post your requirements inside the ‘reqeust a service’ community. Or if you may be bothered, just generate one. Its a straightforward script. It wil only receive a couple days to educate yourself how.. You might easily code the one which included a php file as an image… … Continue reading

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How can I get my site on search engines?

I’ve truly had my site up for more then a month also it hasn’t appeared on any search engines like yahoo. I also sent in it to yahoo and google under there submit a website section. How can I get it to show up in the major search engines Patience. That’s the name on the game. This tutorial on Search engine marketing will help people out too. Well it can be just a very simple site http: //www. davart. us/ and http: //www. davartny. com/. It only possesses one page no other sites really url to it. I just want it to come up on search engines while someone types around ‘davart’.

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