The Font From the Austin TX Power Plant — Anyone Know it?

Or something like it, here can be an image… and another discussion started and not solved… about it.

http: //www. myfonts. com/WhatTheFont/forum/viewthread. phpthreadid=193848

Howdy kennedrw,

Wow, I was surprised how many results I found on google for that electricity plant, everyone saying the amount of they love the font, etc… I finally read several papers on this history of Austin and cities in the 40s, and plenty of those typefaces are custom/unique to the next building.

I used to be able to find a photo that weren’t angled to very much. Straightened it away in PS, and just took the word PLANT, and got final results attached for a little something kinda close.

Good challenge. Hope this particular helps.


Ungus, this can be great. Thanks for taking a few minutes. I never knew that of a difficult thing it might be to find an exact match for a new font… but I’ll toy with what exactly you sent. This can be such a distinctive, cool font if it can’t be found I ask yourself how hard it is to create your personal font.

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