The Perfect Dimensions of A Webpage (Mine Are Crap)

Hi I’m making a webpage using dreamweaver cs3 and I’ve got all the site desgin, flow and framework sorted but once i created a internet page I used this dimensions 800 times 600 px because We were told that these where the best dimenions with the web. Now what Now i’m left with is some white space on the side of your page. What need is the site to fill the actual browser space….. I’ll attach a new screen shot in order that its even more clear what I’m talking about.

800 pixels widths are OK…
You may center that SIX HUNDRED pixel page with any size cell phone….

wrapping all this inside a div of which gets centered on the browser:

perimeter: 0px auto;
text-align: heart;

wider: 800px;
text-align: kept;

< body>
< div id=" center" >

… anything in here

< /div>
< /body>

Cool but what about the white area


The reason the truth is white space to the side of your internet site in the browser is because your screen resolution is focused to something large than 800 back button 600. A person which includes a screen resolution of 800 x 600 will not likely see the whitespace as the site will fill up their entire monitor. As most people right now have higher file size screens, the majority of your site visitors will dsicover the " whitened space".

If you would like the site to fill the complete browser window, you will need to use a fruit juice layout. I recommend reading this for better understanding.

To stick with your fixed width layout, you can carry out as mlseim recommend and center it, or you could leave it as is. In sometimes case, you can establish a body background to add the white breathing space with something extra interesting (a structure, or color, or perhaps image).

By the way, when designing for an 800×600 pixel screen resolution it can be generally best to make a fixed thickness site no wider than 780px (I find 770px to become optimal). This provides for what is named " browser chrome" or the specific frame of the particular browser itself.

that is the remaining space soon after your 800px.
you may change it to which ever you want and in many cases put image backdrop on it.
that is the background of your complete contents.

960 could be the perfect width of a website.

  • fits on the 10 x 12 baseline grid
  • divisible by 16
  • divisible towards 1: 2: YOU proportions
  • fits " wide" content
  • fits within a 1024 x 768 resolution

I don’t even think too many graphic designers are building pertaining to 800 monitors any more. I live in a pretty diversified area, upper class, heart class, lower course, country folk, an individual name it, and I see about 1% to 2% are utilizing 800 res. That was not enough for me to cater to, and those stats are dropping swiftly everywhere.

Give thanks all u males……

Taking I approach by mslem, would I make the background photo in dreamweaver prior to I create our site areas and also editable regions or may i create the background image only to fill the light space
I’m definatly gonna check out liquid filling but is the background image strategy more standard it

" Common practice" doesnt really be given play.
Loads of sites are water, a lot regarding sites are fixed-width.
Just what exactly you’re doing can be fixed width.

I personally have never applied liquid layouts.. so I couldnt give you my opinion on them. On the other hand, fixed width layouts are generally easy.

As suggested produce a 960px container
#wrapperwidth: 960px;
< div id=" wrapper" >
all of your content goes here
< /div>

and set a new background color or image in your body…
bodybackground-color: african american;

This is usually what i carry out anyways enjoy and gluck.

To me, the perfect size(s) are generally 780px or 960px. I center my websites inside browser and 780px results in me some space at 800×600 res, for your browser chrome as well as background color. And in at bigger resolution, you really can appreciate a pleasant background image at this width. But it work for every person, no mater what monitor/video card they have.

Nevertheless, I prefer the look of 960px wide layout so when others have brought up, it works really well with grid styles. It also provides the site a modern-day and less boxy glimpse. The bottom line is… who include the end users and what design sustains the content ideal.

Such as… a site with loads of older viewers or even people on corporate computers may perhaps be better off with a 780px layout. Where a top tech site, aimed towards younger users, who will be very tech informed, may be better off which includes a 960px layout. Again though, the content plus the user must the two be considered….

The advice… find out who the finish users are to get all the content material first, then emerge some graph documents and start sketching layouts, before you come to a decision anything.

very good advice, spoken as being a true designer.

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