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Alright, as you may have noticed in an additional thread, I’m lost and thought i would at least begin with Weebly (I think). It is usually a good method for someone for instance me who can’t webdesign in any respect. Now I employ a question: if WE add Paypal for you to my shop, how to create the checkout there in order to charge for shipping rates according to weight I’m not seeking an entire lessons here (and it could be an easy action to take too, I don’t know) but maybe a number of you know regarding links to destinations where that’s incredibly clearly explained… Thanks a ton so much.

If it’s not possible possible, how can I add a more simple shipping fee in Weebly so that it’ll be recognized by Paypal when a transaction occurs Thank you again.

PayPal is usually a payment processor time…

They do not care what people sell or for how much… All you send them is usually a dollar amount whilst your account is should the user hits the " pay now" mouse.

Most decent looking carts have some sort of field plugged in to help you to manually add shipping in case you have a flat rate you have… Or integrate one of several shipping calculators by USPS, FedEx, and so forth…

I need ideas of anything about weebly aside from the few comments here to sort it out.

You’d be greater off finding out if you possibly could even integrate pay pal or anything else… Perhaps they have a frequently asked questions section that can certainly answer specifics about weeblys setup.

Hello there

Hello, beneficial morning and thanks for replying. For the time being, Weebly answered some questions I possessed posed, including that one, with several pretty explanatory links. We were holding nice, much better than usual. Sure, they have Paypal and/or Moneybookers bundled there. The way one can decide the shipping rates is as a result of Paypal itself, pertaining to flat rates (which is usually what I’m using) anyway. Thanks again.

EDIT: I’m not sure yet but it really seems Paypal simply has several delivery rate checkout selections for the US and it seems like I’ll have to make do with shipping rates based on the order’s valuation… Hmm, if that really is the case, I’ll have to think a little before Allow me to add some realistic enough changes to help my current weight-based shipping and delivery rates…


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