This might be a stupid question but…

Come to a decision put in this little icon that appears next to the title while in the tab

That’s a favicon – get it done in the < head> like that (I usually put it prior to the first CSS link):
< link rel=" shortcut icon" type=" image/x-icon" href=" http: //www. yourdomain. com/images/favicon. ico" />
You ought to call it " favicon. ico" and so the browser will recognise where that can put it (in the particular tab).
I have found that absolute URL is best, rather than comparative.

You can create a favicon beyond almost any image on your hard drive at:
http: //favicon. htmlkit. com/favicon/

Goodness me, I have always wondered this little guy. Thanks!!
As a result of, it makes as well as look legitimate.

I do not know if it can that. It’s simply just an icon.

As well as, however, make it easier for users to discover your site for their bookmarks.

It’s probably because I’m utilized to looking at half-assed school projects and they also usually don’t incorporate that.

I merely think it’s interesting.

So may the favicon represent the missing buttcheek This does sound fairly anal, after all.

Well carried out, sir.

* bows * Regards.

We bow to TheGame — TheMaster…

Dig your new signature however.

Thanks. Just changed it. I wanted the right way to communicate my overall deficiency of tact and sanity somehow that was… well, me.

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