Thoughts on this website??

Hey All,

I contributed to help building this website for the Name Bade organization in Sydney, Australia.

I got just wondering only could get several feedback and single dads the design, composition, content, seo and whatever else you will find.

That might be really good.

The actual link is http: //www. patricebadges. com. au


the forum says you’ve got one post however the site is by now in my firebug. unsure whats up along with that. anyway, best of luck.

Design looks good nice clean layout.

Well, its extremely fine website but please atart exercising . text below the images for you to have added inside the index page… so that anyone can obtain a clear idea regarding these images along with their models so that your website need to be perfect in most of ways…

Wonderful site, Though chuncks of it should go off my tv screen, and I have High Res.

Hey I’m in Sydney! *waves*

Looks a not bad site. I don’t genuinely have any issues about it apart from that experts claim it goes away from my screen for the right. Those fading ‘things’ that go off the edge are I’m sure what’s making it make it happen, although I can not be sure. So with regard to my 1024×768 res, which is quite common, having to scroll accros coursesmart horizontally is quite annoying. You might watnt to mend that.
But everything else is fine. Fine work!

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