tiny preview of zion photography

I have loads of work in store to me, but I can at the least share an image if some of you are waiting to determine it. Have a good forth of July day.

http: //www. zioncreation. com/images/2d/photo_preview. jpg

Great shot. Too awful the weather couldn’t cooperate.

This weather ain’t that harmful, I don’t imagine it affects the actual shot really, but I guess it’d look better which has a nice sunny, blue sky.

I’ll be sure you brighten the image up a little for the ultimate. These are pics, I don’t manip objects in the image other than maybe some brightness, contrast, skin tone. Many of what shall be on the last site looks very nice and not using a filter. I’m really excited to show them.

I’m also in the way of a very few small updates on many of the sites. This requires a gradient colored background to offer a little depth for the simple designs.

Weather makes many of the difference in an outdoor shot. The conditions is what depends on the lighting, purity, etc. Not the shot is poor, but I feel clear blue skies would create a huge difference in such a image.

The eyes are definitely drawn to the exact templey thingy not necessarily the sky. They only view the sky whenever they look around. But as I mentioned, it would/i look better that has a clear, blue heavens

I are not aware of, I think some sort of dark sky makes the building stand out a bit IMO.

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