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thanks for your feedback on my site. it ended up being helpful and informative. i am i am sorry i dont condone the usage of javascript as clientside scripting as far as i was taught is often a nono for layout. cookies as properly. or anything that will disrupt the end user exp based upon their personal controls. load speed, navagation, plus the 15 second guideline is what i got taught. i came here to supply and to learn. my offers were opposed continuously by those that frown on programmers and my solely question thread has been ignored and consolidated to your small corner beyond sight even though they were different topics, yes exactly the same script but pretty dif questions. i enjoyed serving with html as well as css questions though the users stalking our post dont recognize enough code to post without seeking foolish so probably that had something to do with it not sucking. in any case, mission acomplished. the linux guy is gone. tc, a lot love.: lick:

I realize where you are originating from, When I figured out HTML at college we hardly got any editors to promote. All we had was notepad. I learnt html qucikly the way it was new in my experience. I enjoyed coding but once i went to university I had to learn dreamweaver along with I always codded inside it and then were required to use the design and style part, which will be ok, but if it can be used to much we can simply forget this html tags. I’m keen on to refresh meself using tags from period to tinme however I do develop design to fit items on the website and then look at the coding. I think that the primary reason we become realiant on wysiwigs is because technology is shifting quicky in any area even with design. I examine this years net magazine from us dot. net and recently learned easy methods to use grids and wireframes to style a website in comparison to when I started off at college. Most everyone was serious was coding, now it can be manily usability as well as design.

yes, but it is actually all code. it can be just a topic of how that will code is delivered. i have calmed along since this post but i got pretty hot for a min. kept getting downed upon for recommending next to javascript as if this forum was one of exclusivity to cs3-4 hacks. i have already been a cook with regard to 15 years coming from fast food to help 5 star and in nearly all place i possess worked including moneytree ATM’s, javascript has been disabled on his or her systems. either for safety reasons or for the reason that computer leasing corp found it held them from required to maintanance because the actual employees surf nono internet sites and fried the particular OS. at any fee biz owners spend time and effort at their bis and probably will be seeing these site from that perspective. cutting them out is reducing an unspoken web browser type, the comapny cell phone.
i understand that not everybody has the exp to comprehend this but which is what i was trying to share and a few feel if they can’t know something it cannot be valid. kinda pompous i think.

thx for your read.

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