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the amount should I charge for your tooltip that directly links with a company’s description in a very trade show layout My business is interning for a company and we are trying to figure out how much to be able to charge for tooltips in a trade show Zmag we’re doing.

Hello there Shepps,
Possibly not exactly sure what exactly your project can be… do you have got a link you can easily share And do you know of any kind of pricing structure currently

No costs structure just still. What my company has been doing is making an online trade show magazine that will include tool tips within the contents portion of it that link directly into the respected business’ homepage. This is the best one we own ever done and My business is supposed to determine how much to charge just for this sort of point.

In my experience the internet is an amount of a wild west in such a area and selling prices vary wildly. Brand new thought about trying a cost per click model as Google do
From your advertisers’ view, you may wish to consider the value to the business displaying your link. How much gain / sales may they expect per thirty days / year from obtaining the link displayed
For anyone who is still unsure, I’d go to the lower end to start with. I image that you might want to encourage people to sign on so that your webblog look ‘full’. This also reveals to other advertisers that your business offer is ‘worth it’ (because lots of other people have signed up to advertise).
You could have some type of ‘limited time’ present of $X – this would assist you to increase it at a later date if required.

And then for what it’s worth:

" The internet Tool Show has chose to offer introductory advertizing, as well as a video, for that total cost regarding only $300 every year".

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