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I in search of very top hit counter scripts/apps (PHP/mySQL) to set up on my web-site, i need it to exhibit some statistics on users in the way that you observe each unique user not simply total clicks.

I want it to often be local counter about my site, and i want some detail statistics that they are shown somewhere at my site (not pertaining to visitors, but for me) not just number of prospects.

Looked at Google Analytics

Certainly, On Analytics you will discover what you are looking at.

Also you can find google web applications. Although google analytic is a best.

Many men and women recommended Google Analytics, and that’s exactly what I use for several sites, but I believe you stated you wanted it that they are local on a person’s machine – which GA is not.

When i need local analytics, POST use PiWik. It’s very custom-made and almost fun to make use of.

Okay to be honest i want helping put image on somewhere in this way forum and while people open tis web page and download image i need to see statistica of what number of people do of which from what locations where they introduced from etc. So i want it not at my site, i need and therefore put image from my site somewhere and get detail statistics in relation to its usage.

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