transfering code from dreamweaver to site.

After i upload my site towards domain everything acquires new file walkways. example: if when i loaded image bluecar. jpg in dreamweaver it writes C: /programfiles/importsdigest/bluecar. jpg. then everything becomes uploaded onto the domain it truly is now http: //www. importsdigest. com/bluecar. jpg and i need to go in and manually change that html, or a person dont see that image. this gets just a little complicated because easily reconfigure the html page in dreamweaver to suit the domain and then i cant discover it in dreamweaver. is there some method of making dreamweaver admittance the website to get images what suggestions have

It looks like you didn’t define your blog when you started to create it

MY PARTNER AND I figured it out. you were correct. thanx

you should be able to do this:

< your href=" /images/bluecar. jpg" width=" 200" height=" 300" /> 

As an example: http: //www. abc. com/images/bluecar. jpg.

Hello there aeroweb99
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You mentioned defining a site in Dreamweaver. Love it if more dont understand how to do it.

I merely open Dreamweaver, make a directory on my hard drive start building after which save my do the job there.

Also I dont discover how to use Dreamweaver for you to upload sites. What would you suggest I carry out

Define your web blog gets your internet site ready for add. It’s not hard so don’t let it scare you. Here’s the right way to access it.

DW cell phone calls it " Handle Sites". With your blog open in DW, as well as files in see, go to this drop down container just above the best file, which has the name of your respective site. Click the dropdown menus there and click the past one called " Handle Sites… ".
It will get you a brief site definition magician going where everyone enter site info for example where it is usually stored (on ones computer), hosting as well as login info, and things like that.

When that’s paid for then your prepared for upload. Go to your host while using little " plug" icon just directly below that drop down box when using the site name. This kind of gets you linked. Expand your window to exhibit both local in addition to remote files. (click the insufficient " window" icon surrounding the right from that " plug" icon). It’s good to be effective in this watch when uploading a whole site or many files. Click the " arrow up" button to get started on uploading. It will ask if you need to upload the entire site, just say yes. That’s the idea! you should be online.

Love it if more like the ftp in DW, by far the most user friendly ftp I’ve seen.

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