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ok here’s the question: I have a website i am designing pertaining to my father. he has chosen to use yahoo sitebuilder, and i dont love it i opt to use my own design, but he enjoys the simplicity of all of it so i have consented to style the website using this tool. however my daddy likes the myspace design one in that your dog likes how everything moves onto the background as you move the background stays nonetheless. so my question is this; how do we design my background and website in order that it can look like this but not possess the columns and glasses and such within the design. i need 2 things, the transparency and the movability of the form. does that create sense im almost no of a website development guru, but you get what i mean i hope. anyhow, if you most could help me that might be great thank you. have a very good day. here is the website if you would like look at the idea: www. defensivecombat. com.

Google has the most effective answers for people…

http: //www. web-wise-wizard. com/css-style-sheets/web-page-fixed-background. html

Or made by this list:
http: //www. the search engines. com/searchhl=en& q=page foundation fixed not scrolling& aq=f& oq=& aqi=.

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