Trouble using Facebook badge & twitter widget. Works in Mozilla but not in IE 9?

Hello there, looking for some help on an issue that has myself scratching my scalp.

I was taking care of my website person and was capable to successfully add my twitter widget as well as my facebook page badge about the main page. I use Mozilla Firefox A FEW. 0 about 99. 9% of times & I thought everything looked great for the last two days until I’d to check some thing in IE9 nowadays.

After i pulled up our IE9 browser nowadays I noticed this neither the tweets widget nor the facebook badge have been appearing on my own main page which often totally ruins the form and makes this look rather awkward that has a big rectangle with missing space. I have recently been doing some google searches for the past hour but you will find so many variations when you are evaluating " facebook badge IE9 or twitter widget IE9, and so forth. " that I can’t get a solution for what We are trying to mend.

And often see, here is definitely an image of what the website appears like for me with Mozilla Firefox YOUR FIVE. 0, both the twitter widget along with the facebook badge appear perfectly:

The following is an image with what the website appears in Internet Explorer 9 to do, both the widget as well as badge have disappeared and also this leaves a rectangular shape of missing breathing space and makes the chief page look quite bad and awkward:

Thinking of using an iframe

Not any, I don’t trust so.

The particular script for my personal twitter widget is usually:

The particular script for my personal facebook badge will be:

Confused if that allows, just what WE extracted from our " view source" in www. secretcloud. com

Maybe you can understand more from that as compared with I

Thanks for the response & assistance!

Take the spinner X-man guy out from the equation and see what goes on.

It’s not doing what you deserve in Chrome, both.

Well, your " spinning X-man guy" aka Electro (a nemesis of Spiderman) is a simple animated gif.

I don’t see how a. gif could influence the twitter widget and also facebook application by any means

Also, I checked & the Facebook badge along with the twitter widget both equally appear perfectly excellent in Google Chrome.

In IE9 they just do not appear at almost all.

My organization is not concerned concerning the spacing in google chrome… I am focused on the widget & badge not appearing IN ANY WAY in IE9.

I recognize. I think the miscroscopic X-man is accountable. Not the GIF once more, but whatever its container is.

In my version associated with Chrome, the widgets appear in ways you don’t wish them to, and clearly it is the X-man forcing these individuals down.

Loving that could bring about your issue could be the lack of your DOCTYPE declaration.

http: //validator. w3. org/checkuri=h… (detect automatically)& doctype=Inline& group=0

By not declaring an appropriate DOCTYPE, you’re genuinely subjecting yourself to help browser whims as well as interpretation. This can also be true to some extent besides a DOCTYPE, however it’s usually a lot worse without 1.

Ok bless you, yeah the widgets are forced down inside chrome but since plenty of people use Explorer & Mozilla My organization is less concerned concerning the layout issues inside Chrome. I am just content how the widget/badge is still appearing.

My main concern suggestions just that they just do not appear at just about all in Internet Explorer 9 as shown inside the 2nd picture WE linked above. Not really an error information or anything, they just don’t sound like registering at almost all in IE9.

I will ought to read that above this weekend while i get time as well as try to learn how to add a " doctype" using their FAQ to see if that helps all of them appear in IE9. I will check back for additional troubleshooting if that will does not have the desired effect or I are not able to figure that out there.

Bless you!

Yup. The one reason I seemed to be pointing out what it did with Chrome was so it did generate a worry. If it generated a dilemma in one case, it’s entirely feasible that it’s the reason for another issue in addition.

Try to increase the Strict doctype if you possibly could. Browsers across the board generally speaking of thumb perform one of the best when the Strict doctype is needed, just because the coding standard intended for Strict is high enough that searchers who can code to it develop cleaner, better rule. Again, I’m communicating in in generalities the following.

The problem while using Twitter widgets not necessarily displayed in IE9 is so visible on twitter. com per se:
http: //twitter. com/about/resources/widgets/widget_profile

Miscalculation message: " SEC7112: Das Skript von " http: //api. twit. com/1/statuses/u… rce=TWITTERINC_WIDGET& 1314301816168=cachebust" wurde aufgrund eines fehlerhaften MIME-Typs geblockt"

Including a second one: " SCRIPT438: Das Objekt untersttzt cease to live Eigenschaft oder Methode " decay" nicht
widget. js, Zeile 1731 Zeichen 13"

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