Trying to decide between 3 designs for my blog…

POST run a blog about high school/college, and I’ve been attempting to make a different design for it for some time now, but I’m pretty unsure things to go with. My design skills tend to be iffy at ideal, but I would like to become better, so I always try to generate new things.

Nonetheless, I’ve spent the required time looking at them in the past week or so I can’t judge them properly. I want some fresh face.

I’ve construct three different choices. None of them are " complete", but encourage provide a standard gist of what I’m targeting. Two of them are fresh, but one modifies existing design to ensure it is more flexible (basically fixing the items I don’t similar to about it). I still have got to write the designs into a WordPress theme, and in doing this I’ll fine-tune the structure to make that better. All in the content is taste content.

Here’s existing design:
http: //xatal. com

Here will be the sample replacements:
#3 < – The redesign in the current one

In addition to yeah, any opinions whatsoever would be VERY much valued.

I actually like your current design the finest, but I don’t know how long the way to there, so people may very well be getting sick involving it. I much like the green theme, it isn’t hard on the eyes, all the colours seem to go together, and also the layout is excellent.
POST also like case in point two, similar almost thing but using slight alterations.
Not just a big fan in the first example, for some reason no image/header over the nav icon doesn’t sit well with me.

Good job btw, happy.

I also prefer the Third design, it is definitely more visually interesting approach other two.

I like cost-free one it appears to be professional. Thanks

What ever have chosen that every the themes have become good themes so what on earth you do is change the themes for each 15 days so all like your weblogs. Because no you can like same the actual theme which some other like so continue changing the concept…

I think it truly is better to follow one theme for some time, so people can recognise your site. If your web page has changing topics every 15 days to weeks, then people won’t recognise your site. You could additionally be putting yourself in for most work that its not necessary. And even with the three designs roatating, it isn’t even then garanteed which everyone will similar to your blog. Your site needs an individuality, and identity that folks cna recognise rapidly. That’s why the themes are so important within this.

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