Trying to duplicate a site. Where do I start

Now i am very new to website development. Have some practical knowledge with photoshop. I found a website that I relish. I wondering the place to start on making a layout like this for my individual business.
http: //www. chipscops. com/


I would think about that an elaborate site for any beginner in the first place. It is produced using CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Are you comfortable with all those

Somewhat familiar with css. Javascript and php are things I’ve never used. Might you enlighten me on the functions they have on this page


seems of that ranking site will be a little over your mind, but I would check out w3schools. com and have a look at some javascript in addition to php

micro i’ve seen other threads from you. i’d like to help you will find the right path to get what you would like out of this particular. if thats alright, i just want a reply over a few things.

YOU. Do you have on site communication tools or only standard contact info for example fax, phone, deal with.

COUPLE OF. are you prepared go outside of web. com to a standard hosting bill.

THREE OR MORE. are you dead set during this design or do you just desire to stay par with your current industry.

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