two layers of GIFs?

I’m innovative to this, and am designing an online site for the business. I’m utilizing tables, and I would like to put your header like you would have on business letterhead with the top of the actual page – but I’d like a brushed metal texture underneath them, stretching all began seeing across the web site. I have a GIF file with the texture, and one with the text of that letterhead (with your transparent background); can i tie the text into the left side of the screen and let the texture that will " stretch" under it to fill the width (width=" 100%) Is there a healthier way of doing this kind of, relatively simply I have been previously looking, but haven’t found how to superimpose one layer over another and allow that you resize independently of the other. I’m a new metal fabricator, and not really interested in becoming a web site designer, other than with this one project. Pardon my ignorance belonging to the proper terminology, however as I mentioned, I’m new for this and would appreciate whatever assist you can offer.

bless you,

< td style=" background-image: url(‘texture. gif’); thickness: 100%; " > < img src=" text message. gif" alt=" logo" style=" float: left" > < /td>

superb, thanks a great deal!


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