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Howdy experts,

I am extremely new to get web designing. We have built up a fresh web site for by myself company. So now i want to put a image towards window tab this shows when open the net page, like the search engines displays as " g". What needs to be the picture’s features like size etc. How regarded as a put this. My url is internet. taraleisuretravel. com.


I believe you mean a " favicon"

A favicon is often a 16 X 16 pixel icon (type. ico),
and also the name of it might actually be " favicon. ico".

Once created, you put that file within your root directory plus specify it within the head section of your web page(s).

I can’t think about what your favicon would mimic, but if you can create a
OF SIXTEEN X 16 bmp record (favicon. bmp) you can can convert it for yourself… to a. ico report,
or you should use a free photo editor like irfanview in order to convert it.

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