Uploading Web Videos

We need advice on this specific really.

If people distribute video to my site plus they have edited the idea and added tunes. Would I be liable to the licence of the music on my site

How would you manage to get round it

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated…


" Possibly". I’m not really a lawyer, and I have no idea for sure, but that might appear to be a grey area.

The one technique around it that might work is to put a checkbox during the form for each upload saying something towards extent of " I own the copyright to the present stuff and in the event there’s a copyright concern, I will assume responsibility. " Reword since appropriate.

That’s what We were thinking. Some sort of a Disclaimer Tick box to state that all material in the video is its own


That had been pretty well the entire thought, truly. An unchecked checkbox that your user has to test before going further more.

You’ll have to track IPs too with the form just in case. That way, the IP could be tied to any host. IPs could be forged, but a minimum of you’re trying.

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