url types

http: //********. ***/***/page_id=10

why is question mark placed after a injury instead trailing the file to receive the slide images

just endeavoring to see if i’ll get help ahead of this thread is catagorized off, without reposting.

hi – would you rephrase your question – We are not sure what you’re asking.

The actual question mark would normally follow that PHP script brand,
illustration: photo. phpid=4324

In this case, the PHP file when using the data is " index. php", so by simply not
specifying the actual PHP script title, it defaults for you to " index. php"

This would be the same specific thing:
http: online world. mysite. com/******/***/index. phppage_id=10

while this:
http: online world. mysite. com/******/***/page_id=10

ok it is php then that has been a thought but i wasn’t convinced. never seen this before. thx a lot for the help.

Dorky… test that out and notice.
Develop same url by using " index. php" while in front of it.

In the event that it fails, it is using Perl (what individuals call CGI)

nice. that was it. thx so significantly. i start develop this monday day. just trying to view whats what before i settle on cost.

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