Using Google Maps V3 – Working Example

A SINGLE. I want make use of this for a computer owner location: http: //code. the search engines. com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-geolocation. html
If user don’t wish to share location it is going to show a default area.

3. After loading it will read all spots with in 3 OR MORE miles and indicate around the map.

3 OR MORE. If user move center point to new location, it will clear the road and again find all spots together with in 3 miles of new spot.

I’m somewhat closer… at least with all the circle staying at the center…
http: //www. meseim. com/geo/index3. php

The challenge with finding the person location, using map-geolocation…
It does not work with IE8 And when I use them with FireFox,
my own user location is definitely off by in relation to 150 miles.

You mentioned which you already have some sort of MySQL function to discover spots within THREE OR MORE miles
The way exactly does of which work


can any body share the code to choose the zip codes with a given radius through the given location

you need to…….

Thanks beforehand

mlseim can there be any way to possess your code exhibit both cross pavement, instead of some


WHEN I found your script, it is nice solution. I need to kindly asked you for updates, because My business is not Google Road directions profesional.

Firstly your script doesn’t work at the moment: http: //www. catpin. com/gps/index. php. WHEN I can’t see this map.
Listed below are my asked tips:
1) draggable marker will become on your latest position – if you do not agree – map will start on predefined issue like now
2) we will have some input to get address to emphasis map easily to location you choose. You will simply just type address and also map with gun will move.

Gives thanks

First of, what browser have you been using It appears fine to me… IE8, IE9, and also FireFox.

Formerly suffering with tinnitus experimenting with this " current position". It doesn’t appear to be very reliable.
I’m assuming an individual mean the aspect where it tries to pinpoint your location while using the API

I really could use a candy bar to remember the third place the consumer was at.

Explain more about " recent position", and what you might be meaning by which.

My concept was to make ease of marking. They probably will marking place wherever they currently will be. It is reasons why I also will need search input.
When " current position" is effective bad, we could just make researching.

Is it possible to help me


Google Maps V3 is definitely improving faster which i can keep upward.

Maybe this script (see demo) is essentially what you are considering:
http: //tech. cibul. net/geocode-with-google-maps-api-v3/

I suppose I really could " mash" this into my script. If i have time, I’ll examine that.
Although meanwhile, what there’re doing is really cool (in my own opinion).

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