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Hi there All,

This is maybe not inside the right place, but here it should go anyway.

Im trying build a basic website for that new business, money is small so i thought i might do it me, i have some sort of basic website up at 123drive. com. au but it really wont display within IE, although you’ll be able to view the origin code.

This indicates to work okay in firefox (not positive about any others)

If anyone can give me suggestions on how allow me to fix this it would be great.

also my…. you did the website with Publisher

Loads of things wrong
Taking a look at the source, I’ve never managed the odd meta tags along with bizarre scripting (CSS in addition to tags). Even ones images are massive and resized employing HTML.

You might want to start over using along at the most, Dreamweaver.
If you cannot afford that, you might want to script by hand or locate a free CSS template.

Don’t make web sites with MS Expression, Publisher, FrontPage, or perhaps anything that states that Microsoft on it.

My advice therefore is usually to scrap it completely and start through with Dreamweaver,
or do it by hand, or perhaps hire someone. You won’t actually solve this simply by creating it how we are.
Apologies, but that’s just how it is.

You could find a nice template at no cost and customize that using Notepad (for free).
http: //www. yahoo and google. com/#hl=en& source… aqi=g10& aql=& oq=& gs_rfai=& fp=a86c207b1c79523e


Whenever nothing else, put a doctype at the very top of the code.

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD XHTML YOU. 0 Transitional//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional. dtd" >
< html xmlns=" http: //www. w3. org/1999/xhtml" >

Why dont you employ a joomla website with some template. That is the way to get everyone site up swiftly and inexpensively.

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