OMG copy my face off on the w3 validator lol.

a note to those new like me to design.
be sure you are using the proper DTD for your current doc
before trying to validate or you will want a lot regarding aspirin.

I’m never sure about whether to travel " transitional", " strict", and also whatever.
I understand that as long as it validates somehow, it appears to render better
on all browsers… so I estimate validating is the best way to check one’s private coding.
It helps come across possible HTML in addition to CSS errors that might turn into a train smash.

One might say W3C is a tool, not a requirement

It’s actually only one recommendation, but the point is if everybody taken it, there would be a de facto typical and rendering issues would disappear.


well for some reason it didnt for instance me using strict with xhtml css along with php all in a single file lmao. so transitional it was before.

php just simply outputs html, in order that means nothing.
pull your page up in a browser > view source> and validate by direct insight.

In addition, you should just about always use strict unless you do have a good reason not to ever.

Excellent reasons:

  • You should use an iframe, and cant come across to accomplish what you long for to do.
  • You dont have learned to use javascript methods of load flash and prefer to use the < embed> tag.
  • You should embed pdfs, videos, etc, and dont wish to use a flash/javascript solution and there’s a lack of mix browser/platform support for that < object> tag therefore you use an upload tag.

fine very interesting, how do you do this within a browser. i have learned to view source nevertheless thats it. take into account i use firefox. and i perform use iframes however , not as a replacing for flash any more then youtube uses frames to upgrade flash. and i do intend from now on to use upload for local shows in my place. im starting the locals page to obtain some exposure all of which be using mp4, its crossplatform instead of 3rd party software relient. so for those who have some advice about embed that would be way great. but back into the strict with iframes, why is which not allowd in strict as well as the validator gave my family errors on html that had not met the conditions(if) being read

thanks ahead of time.

oh yes although they did employ a cool suggestion program

Open your page that has been processed by your server (all the php are going to be gone, it will be pure html).

Press View Source> Press CTRL+A (select all)> Press CTRL+C (copy)

Start W3C validator, as well as theres a hook called Validate by simply direct input, press that.
Press CTRL+V (paste).

Press validate.

Frames are not allowed in strict simply because they decided it shouldnt always be.
Dont ask me why.

Region conform to standards and load things in to a " frame" why not just use seperate divs Or utilize < object> tag. Embedding flash can be carried out to standards using jquerys. flash() method, or using swfobject. js or swfobject like a jquery plugin.
Almost all 3 will validate.

< object> may load PDF, MP3, MP4, flash.
A number of the support is terrible across browsers
For example: the same concept tag may perform in FF along with safari but might not work
inside IE

yes i have learned to cut and substance via hot important lol.
and relating to used < embed> on several private projects that i cross tested within
SAFARI & SEAMONKEY without any problems
and i collect by your evaluation of iframes and divs you’ve never used an iframe. go to my site to discover just why i use iframes. and yes this can be done dynamically nevertheless a page renew would take lengthier.

keep at heart i am only new to style. i have recently been building and difficult computers for 16 years and i familiar with write programs inside basic. back if you had to set jumpers for voltage for the motherboard. remeber the 386/486 and ON.
my first computer had 4 hd and still didnt employ a full gig regarding disk.

Not long ago i deployed a internet site that targeted IE6, IE7, IE8 (indirectly), Firefox THREE, and Opera 9/10 (indirectly). It had Flash embedded in buying it, and I merely used the < object> tag. I didn’t possess any problems as well as the page validated when XHTML 1. 0 Demanding. No Javascript wanted either.

It is advisable to embed pdfs, videos, etc, and dont wish to use a flash/javascript solution and there’s a lack of mix browser/platform support for that < object> tag therefore you use an upload tag.

By simply " lack associated with cross browser/platform support" i mean, you cant discover the proper object tag to do just fine and need for you to fallback on an embed.

Yes i am aware theres the full thing with CC’s serving IE the clsid, yet meh.
Combatting the issues above
1: Learn jquery
Step 2: Read about the actual. flash() method

…. i am aware what an iframe can be.
I guess manged to get confused with framesets

regardless, the whole iframe thing may be achieved using your object tag.

as well as dorky, the whole point of iframes is to embed pages coming from other servers

< div id=" f1" >
< iframe class=" bg" name=" f1" src=" http: //studio378d. com/rkg/main/frame1. php" width=" 210px" height=" 550px" scrolling=" x" allowtransparency=" true" frameborder=" 0" > < /iframe>
< /div>

< div id=" f2" >
< iframe class=" bg" name=" f2" src=" http: //studio378d. com/rkg/main/frame2. php" width=" 500px" height=" 550px" scrolling=" no" allowtransparency=" true" frameborder=" 0" > < /iframe>
< /div>

Your using eyeglasses to load pages from the own site… which often makes no sense.
in addition, your frame1. php is just an image…. why not use an img label.
the frame2. php is just a link.

The method that you are using casings makes NO good sense. Not to often be harsh or whatever.

Anyways change to the present:

< div id=" f1" >
< img src=" over shadow. jpg" alt=" Eclipse" />
< /div>

< div id=" f2" >
< the href=" preview. php" > Press for preview< /a>
< /div>

if a person INSIST on retaining the pages seperate
(which you shouldnt because its a img and hyperlink, not a menu
or anything that will be used sitewide as well as constantly updated)
then try a server side include

< php include things like " rkg/main/eclipse. php" >
< php include things like " rkg/main/preview. php" >

over shadow. php
< div id=" f1" >
< img src=" over shadow. jpg" alt=" Eclipse" />
< /div>

preview. php
< div id=" f2" >
< the href=" preview. php" > Press for preview< /a>
< /div>

These are both better from the design point regarding view
and from a standards perspective.


oh nono the pic it is advisable to click on, its a energetic imagealley i construct with upload with a file that crash auto resizes if saving with php gd as well as feeds the images on the page when an individual click. all very automated. its the start of a cms admin pannel. but reside tuned i concluded my spell examine. look for the actual post.

way bad spelling we were in a urgency. anyway the f1 iframe is perfect for a dynamic photo gallery. i guess the not apperent you could click the graphic, ill have to generate it more apparent somehow but push through till you have the larger preview within the f2 iframe. only then does the tactic to my madnes grow to be apperent.

oh ok i simply read all of the. man you should tour my whole site. click all the links and many of the picks till absolutely nothing is you havent clicked with. didnt your mother provide not to appraise a book simply by its cover. my very own did.

appears good, cool operation. But you can still use the object tag and some javascript to bypass the same result. but hey, to each their particular.

my spouse and i actually do including ur site, and i CARRY OUT break standards easily deem it completely necessary.
btw r picture isnt clickable

Validation is becoming a lot more important by in a given period. By today’s specifications google crawlers are now skipping content with people’s websites owing to validation errors as well as a lot regarding other crawlers are generally following the " lead". Most table computer code doesn’t validate at all any more, actually, many of the crawlers don’t actually index anything wrapped with < table> tags any more sadly.

As well as, now you think you had problems with the particular XHTML validation Test the CSS validator jigsaw. w3c. org (I believe thats right).

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