Way of making first page viewed use 1 style sheet and other pages a different sheet?

Hi all

Can there be a way connected with coding:

1st page viewed on a session (regardless that page it is) = CSS page 1
most of other pages viewed = CSS published 2

I have a site the place that the landing pages are generally 1 of 7-8 webpages, but people COULD POSSIBLY land onto additional back pages. What I would prefer to do is usually to make the very first page they land on have a very big impressive masthead by using large rotating graphics of previous work however to make subsequent pages use a very small masthead so people any longer ! keep scrolling along.

Depends around the programming language used, and no matter the way you do it, it shouldn’t get perfect (mostly because people have option not just to save cookies/session variables about their machines).

Here’s how you’d take action in ASP:

when Session (" visited" ) < > " 1" in that case
Session (" visited" ) = " 1"
Reply. Write " < url href=" " first-stylesheet. css" " rel=" " stylesheet" " type=" " text/css" " /> "
altogether different
Response. Write " < url href=" " subsequent-stylesheet. css" " rel=" " stylesheet" " type=" " text/css" " /> "
finish if

Thanks TheGAME1264 – in fact, I’m interested around html

There really isn’t a better way using pure HTML DOCUMENT. You might be capable of pull it out of using Javascript, but even that would be tricky in addition to wouldn’t cover everybody.

Many bless you The Game1264.

Give each page the huge banner with a little arrow thing around the bottom of this banner.
Whenever they click that, the banner will switch into the smaller one and stay like that.
This button would fixed a PHP TREATMENT that remains until finally they close its browser.

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