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Hi guys, it’s fine to finally join this wonderful community forum.

I’m a cs scholar from johns hopkins and am service plan making a shift in career in to Web Designing. I have some experience back college involved in coding, so i do think the aspect with web designing wouldn’t be too alien in my opinion.

html and css are generally pretty much the most crucial things i have to know and master very first right html may be a given, but what are some other things which can be a must know A pal of mine mentioned a few things to me including css, adobe flex, dotNet, Csharp, time period blend, flash/silverlight….

From your experience… what can be your personal method to learning web desgining html first of course, then css and also what next

Reason i’m asking it is that i know very little about these products/technology other in comparison with html, and i’d personally appreciate it when anyone could point me inside right direction and also maybe share a number their experience.

On top of that, what are some software you men would recommend to get a web designer what’s a very good html editor, what are nice tools which i need to purchase.

As a final point, does anyone know of a bit of good sites for understanding the stuff i need for becoming a fantastic web designer sites who have tutorials and manuals on html, css, or anything which may be helpful for your guy who is simply getting his ft wet

thanks beforehand.

HTML and CSS must be learned while doing so. HTML defines a new page’s structure. CSS defines the appearance.

I’d personally learn Javascript just before any Adobe things or. NET. Finally, you’ll learn a server-side language like ASP. NET, PHP, or JSP.

Mainly because PHP and MySQL are usually so prominent as well as tutorials and facts is
so available, you should know that too.

People mention " web designing", but in reality, " designing" and also " developing"
are generally two different issues. Not sure how artistic you are and how proficient
with Photoshop, etc., but graphic design can be a must for " designing" the particular graphics
and layouts (artwork) needed for " web design". Have you been more interested in
the very " design" of your website, or the way it works… " the particular development"

Additionally , there are human factors problems. Usability, Information Structure, Information Design — and user testing.

Brand-new considered a malpractice lawsuit Seriously, this could have been a half credit score hour course.

hehe you are funny. truth reaches our school we learned a whole lot about the harder stuff. database, webcrawlers, coding tcp/ip ports, java security, and the inner workings of the computer system, network system… etc and so on.

it’s the same with lots of good colleges, their course operates are drasticaly different versus the state colleges where courses will be more concentrate on a single small (more specialized) element of computer scientific disciplines.

program administration, web internet page designing, etc

although in college, everything you learn is merely the scratch for the surface. and web creating (the beginning part of it is not all that complicated) even some highschool offer classes inside. It’s only once you begin getting real deeply into it and also bring together all of the functions and capabilities so it starts to find more complex….. including the need to study perl for datamining, or plsql for list.


Perl is a superb language, powerful server-side scripting.
But owing to it’s popularity and terrific match together with MySQL,
PHP has sort of taken center stage within the web development
world. If you learn Perl, PHP are going to be a snap.

In fact, if you learn C++, you’ll sometimes be better down.

The great thing about PHP/MySQL will be the online support,
records, examples, forums, and so on. It’s everywhere.

Look closely at making a website with which has pages that resemble
web themes… where PHP must be used to control the content, and the
pages are dynamically generated from your " template files".
You may not find many static HTML internet pages anymore.

You’ll discover the most frustrating a part of all this… building your web pages
look identical in all windows. That’s the worst section of web design.

Where web design is going, I would 1st learn JavaScript immediately after HTML and CSS, these three would be the basic building hindrances of any decent internet site. PHP is great for utilizing directories, and AJAX is useful to reduce how much client-> server verbal exchanges. For the design aspect you’d probably must be fairly familiar while using Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Thumb, etc. ).

C#, VB,. NET SALE, ASP, Perl, CGI, are generally all useful regarding backend work, more with the web developer as opposed to designer.. But that’s the location where the best paying jobs in website design are. It all depends on what you like doing best.

Enjoy -.

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