Web Design Idea’s needed for website

Hi Relating to currently made a site, and have close to finished the content and have used a fundamental design on that. I would choose to make it much more eye catching. Any feedback or recommendations on how to accomplish this would be considerably appreciated. Regards Noah

Oops, my personal website is online world. myowebsite. com Thank you

How ironic is that
You do have a website on " making a website",
as well as you’re posting related to " how to produce a website".

Wouldn’t you result in a great website previous to telling people making one

And as well… you’re touting Wetpaint, but your site just isn’t WordPress

Please tell me you’re not posting a check out your site for link-backs, because this is certainly just too peculiar.

I battle to understand making a website so i want to do a website that is easy to observe and everyone – not software engineers- might understand it. Personally I thought it would have been a lot easier, but now I realise there was additional to it. And I figured an effective way to learn something was to show. Which brings my home here, now requesting advice on how you can design my personal site better.

Step 1 and 2 have nothing to do with MAKING a web page.

Its not necessary a domain name to own a web site, it just causes it to become easier for persons.

You may make and run a site on any pc having a web server mounted, so steps 1 & 2 will be irrelevant to " making a website"…

Making a web site is about planning, design, color selection plus implementing code to make the site user-friendly and interactive…. Yes it could be simiflied to 3 steps, but not really 1… And it’s SIMPLE for those that are actually knowledgeable about it, but….

We can only assume what that is suppose to become…

I’m sure some links aren’t working either I see where you’re coming from though. Kind of any ‘Website for Dummies’ style theme taking place.

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