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My business is starting to really enter social media plus website designing for my home-based business. I have read two books on CSS and HTML5 and now have a basic expertise on it. What exactly I do is definitely I arrange tunes for marching jewelry. You can view my current web site (www. JMBMusic. net) and that is okay IMO, but I need to give that a facelift. I have been going to help various webpages along with jotting down the nice & bad of what I’m keen and what I at ease with on them.

I have a couple requests:

1) Will be best webpage building tool to choose from that is easy on the pocket. I saw adobe has a version of dreamweaver for around $120. My budget is just about $200-250.

2) With whatever software package I want to have a slick mobile page hence if someone via an iPhone, Bot, etc… access’s my page they are going to have a good looking page in their device. Any suggestions on how to go about the following Do most software systems allow a mobile version to become created from the principle page content Unsure of the best method to go.

3) Any guides or other resources you’d probably recommend to even more my readings in HTML 5, CSS, & Java I kinda get the CSS stuff however need some practice about it. I don’t possess a freaking clue related to Java.

Any help / advice can be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time folks!

I’m uncertain how to answer brussels.

Mobile sites are often custom created, but you’ve got a problem with that will.
If you are using a Pen player to listen to the songs, that won’t work with Apple products.

Hence, you’ll have to determine what the purpose will be for your mobile version with the site.

Your internet site now isn’t harmful, but I would reduce all the odd " tiny text". Your site
loading time is lengthy… I think it’s due to the font stuff. Pick a fairly easy font to
read that each computer has… arial, occasions new roman, and so on.

Many people code all involving our sites yourself (using Notepad++). WHEN I suppose Dreamweaver
can be OK, but you’ll in all likelihood want some server-side features, so you’ll be using
PHP (and might be MySQL) anyhow… so be able to code by give.

Java is just not javascripting (two diverse things). You’ll find numerous free javascripting
courses online… JQuery and mootools are lots of javascripting platforms that
possess pre-made libraries regarding scripting. Look for that too… using Yahoo.

javascripting is client-side (runs against your browser). Server-side scripting can be PHP
and MySQL for your database. That deals with all server characteristics like membership registrations,
log-ins, contact forms, online touch-ups, uploads, downloads, and so on.


Hence, clean-up your prevailing site with simple text, and simply no frills. Otherwise, the particular design
and layout is definitely perfectly good how it is now. Consider what your internet site would be from a mobile
variation. Maybe MP3 files can be more portable all over all smartphones

Fiftly… you have entry to a college Head into the computer scientific disciplines department
and have the same requests there… that people asked here. You’ve got a school full with CS
people that you could talk to in the flesh! Not sure why you haven’t already completed that. They
can show you examples using their iPads and smartphones right looking at your eyes.

Stunning! Thanks for this input! I appreciate the explanation on a couple things there too. I am certainly not at OSU anylonger so I do not have time to travel there and uncover someone to discuss with about it. The soundcloud player is just not flash. It is HTML5 based Absolutely ,. I want people to stream the audio but not download any audio tracks files.

I guess the goal of the mobile version was so that it would look better on the mobile device, and now have easy access to help contacting information. Lots of how the industry works we am in is by testimonies. Thats kind of where I will be at with which.

I have tried some coding on my, but it is way too stressful for my family. I can’t ever apparently get things to appear the way I’d like, or get things to come out began seeing I want, and so on… I kinda want a software package that allows my home to do attractive designing (similar in order to iWeb) but in a slightly more superior way.

I guess Dreamweaver may be your best guess.
Truly never used any kind of WYSIWYG editor, so I’m not those to ask.

For your mobile site, first produce a simple web page that is definitely narrow…
the width within your soundcloud player. Put your primary info at the most notable,
and some various soundcloud icons below that. Employ simple HTML, no
particular fonts, no exceptional CSS. Make this plain.

Search Google totally free mobile website themes. Look at his or her HTML
source and see how a header looks… how a meta tags define
the particular screen properties.

View your simple test page on several mobile phone devices and see what it looks like.

Here’s certainly one of a mobile web page…
http: //m. tanyaryno. com/

View it on a normal desktop/laptop, then view with a mobile device.
View the HTML source to discover the doc sort and meta tags.

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