Web design software

Can anyone highly recommend a visual web site design software
This software should support putting into action file download.
Many thanks

You could try the WYSIWYG Website design Software.

Maybe FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is ideal. I use that, and I’ve witnessed the file-upload choice in there. MY SPOUSE AND I haven’t used that, but it looks simple enough.

Relating to some info within my sig if you are interested.

Dreamweaver is also ideal.

If you are making a internet site for profit, you then should purchase any license. if everyone ever get captured with an illegal copy, you COULD lose your company.

Dreamweaver all-around $600 or thus.

Theres also the front page (although i dont like the WYSIWYG views)

Im mostly any coder so i stay with code views in both, dreamweavers got reasonable file upload service, frontpage has the option to work inside a connected mode (so will dreamweaver, but dreamweavers coupled mode is kind of clunky, wen u publish a file it checks all dependancys to view if they are altered (this is actually good, but it might get slow) the item uploads dependancies that contain changed)

Dreamweaver is great but costly. Depending on your budget you need to consider Coffeecup Html Editor with a visual feature or even the Coffeecup VSD application. (www. coffeecup. com) Personally if you can work with html page and css I’d recomment the Coffeecup Html code Editor.
Searching for an choice where people can certainly download something e. g. a document or an opportunity to upload There’s a big difference right here.
To download all you’ve got to do is actually place a link to the download document that you just of course should place hosting bill.

I might recomend eversoft firstpage 2006, this is a free wsysig editor like dreamweaver,

and also buy dreamweaver out of Amazon.

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