Web developing $/ web maintenance $ > web design $ ?


So I am doing website stuff for the money for over ONLY TWO months now.

Although I initially went within makeover websites (because MY SPOUSE AND I only knew HTML after i started, followed by the quick study connected with CSS), it feels web developing (forms, searching carts, organizational plans) and also maintenance (ftp, seo work) is actually more profitable (I’ve been doing a certain amount of developing lately).

IMO, here are some reasons why:

  • sitebuilders, dreamweaver, frontpage, in addition to wordpress make common designers dispensable. the very best tier designers possess great art technique and experience, in order that they always will have got value, but in most cases, things that common designers do can be replicated by templates or programs.
  • contrasting that above, the work associated with developers can’t seriously be delegated with a program. i’ve viewed form builders, but there is no way people opportunity find one that could do everything they want to gain and need, so someone with php technique is valuable.
  • i’ve been getting plenty of one-offs, as within, people just want me to begin this one thing (worth 1-3 hours) and then they’re finished. in huge amounts, these one-offs could be very profitable, since you can find little administrative work connected to them.
  • webdesign requires plenty of administrative work: achieving, discussing, proposal, business presentation, making a long term contract… all of which isn’t paid. in the event you present to FOUR people and A SINGLE accepts, well, that’s all his time spent making nothing at all. if the clients you assist are big organizations and contracts are $5k+, that’s so good, but for compact 3-figure contracts, that admin work can just kill the particular freelancing designer.
  • webdesign requires so much creative thinking and experimenting with colours, ideas, layouts. in addition to that it is standard to present the client a number of rounds of revisions. lots of operate here, typing and also thinking. unless you have a solid personal arsenal of templates to work from, i don’t see how website jobs can be easy. i have to assume a team would have been a lot better focusing on a website.

So, this is what I think, influenced by my experiences together with clients. What with regards to you guys


Took me about a year and a half to find most of in which stuff out, dude. Good work.

My experiences, though, differe a little bit:

– Site builders are useless and still have major security challenges. Trend Micro in particular has been going out the anomalies in WordPress frequent now, for case in point.

– Ordinary brands are dispensable not because of the site builders, but simply because you will discover so damned numerous amounts. A lot regarding people can catch the attention of pretty pictures (I’m not one of these, though), so other sellers is " stiffer" because of this.

– I do a lot more development than design with the simple reason i always consider web development for being the real design and also the design just pics. I can twist with things to be a developer and construct A/B tests, add features in that , are useful nonetheless subtle, build a reusable signal base (can’t ever do that with design), and most importantly solve issues.

I still have got to negotiate web development contracts but they’re incredibly easier than design models.

: If it’s terrible, get out of it as quickly as possible. Don’t even aim to negotiate it. I’ve got an offer like that right this moment that I tried to get out but continued with to be a favor to a buddy. Turns out, without getting into plenty of details (mostly mainly because investigations are pending contrary to the " client" ) the fact that guy’s got about three separate government firms and governing bodies considering him and a few lawsuits pending.

Nonetheless yeah, stick to development. If you’re the best developer, that’s a skill virtually no people can actually replicate. You’ll know you’re a good developer when people hear " why the terrible couldn’t the X availablility of guys I hired so that you can do this You allow it to be look so easy" or maybe " you’re a new damn genius, I didn’t even Think about including that". Once you hit that stage… and if you might have already had that degree of thought process, you’re not far off… you’re golden.

I haven’t applied a sitebuilder since Pondered geocities host my own first site. No clue the capabilities they want nowadays, but many of the initial group regarding websites I targeted for re-design were sitebuilder-made (and looked awful).

I didn’t really know very well what " developer" meant, I just thought it turned out a guy that will does logic-based dialect. But now, I think the worthiness of a developer isn’t just knowledge of computer code, but also the capability to create and also design functionality, convenience, and navigation. Owners wanting to save a buck will use the site-builder to create a mediocre site, but I doubt they’re cognizant regarding making the website user-friendly and uncomplicated.

Although I never attended school or possess taken any lessons for web building knowledge, my current clientele using me as being a consultant/developer keeps telling me that she loves my ideas which I have a knack to create things straightforward and follow. I suppose it proceeds from looking at websites coming from a designer POV. I truly enjoy this, a lot more than sitting all over playing with site design ideas. Any prospect of how to market oneself as being a developer


A similar way you would to be a designer in your unique case.

You have a knack for picking out ideas that solve problems. That’s actually a greater skill from a development mindset than a layout one. So your answer is really sitting right there before you. Pretty hip when that takes place, isn’t it

There are lots of ways you may establish a web web page for free feel free to use open source software’s, or for an improved investment you can design a website to your business.

… and what did that have to do with the topic taking place

Pretty hip info and input, something to think about for sure. I am just starting on by myself and also figuring things out. Worked for a couple of years with an enormous company making monotonous interfaces and such and from now on I am on my own. Thanks for the particular headsup.

You’re welcome. I think the particular cool thing about going by yourself in web design/development is you will get a taste to do everything from accounting in order to art, and you’re forced to expand skills since clients, knowing you are a " website guy, " will

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