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Good day my fellow web development buddies!

I got wanting some suggestions/opinions/comments to the following web format. Me and a couple of friends are aquiring a contest to see who are able to make the ideal web layout. I wanted to just get it critiqued previous to I went any kind of farther into this. I know, many of the writing and text don’t make because. I also simply put web. com just by a sample text, this is not going becoming a website and I’d no means involving copying the already domain name web. com. It’s just an idea URL. Thanks friends for that replies!!


It’s not too bad.. I merely think you used an excessive amount of grey. Try combining more blue. I will be not a huge fan with the nav. bar and also register for postal mail boxes. Either they have to be bigger or even different.

The side bg horizontal lines are not my favorite, you might like to try a diagonal range bg. Thats just my personal preferences though.

At any rate, if you bring more blue and also change the collections direction, I think it would look good.

I never really like the side bars either, but my form would be to get rid of them.

The text of the web. com graphic is rather light-hearted, it seems inappropriate.

You don’t have need to indent your current paragraphs, again a private preference.

It always seems odd in my experience when designers labeled their navigation. Nevertheless, whether you maintain your label or certainly not, I think you need to add a living space between the > as well as text. Plus, you will find two nav night clubs, but they’re not the same. But they are kind of the same. WWW

About the colors, I think it becomes nice to include another color regarding highlights (like the background towards your nav or pertaining to rollovers), but I never think it’s necessary. Nevertheless, I would try a lighter color with the main body and so the text is a lot easier to read.

In reality, I am unclear if it’s the text itself (font along with size) or simply because it’s saved as a jpeg, but it’s difficult to understand.

I’m also iffy around the dotted lines pertaining to separating content. For sure they could be recycled consistent, but I wonder when they are even required.

Ok, now that I have made a commment to every component of your layout…

It’s not gonna be chopped up or anything.. The text is simply an example to get what would go there although it were divided…

Tristessa, where would you think I need to incorporate more pink into place When you could reply SHORTLY, this would definitely help me away. I need some help with this one because I have no ideas with where some blue with the same color as I usually have would look good at. I thought an experienced guitarist would know the direction to go. Thanks a lot!


you can have a title or header to become blue… or the nav bar.
when you change the back links and take them outside that nav box then you definitely could make all those blue. My friend used a pleasant looking link structure at http: //www. jasonhallett. com.. Concerning seen it employed before, but I think it looks really nice You may also notice his us going for red on his site as a highlight. This is the idea I thought could well be nice for your webblog.

To often be honest, it really just isn’t my thing this type of site. It looks like more of a new gamer site then anything. You need far more colour in generally there somewhere. You are finished with two menus both saying the identical thing on this homepage. Lose on of them and work for the other.
The actual " come together with us for world wide web help" doesn’t check out good. You have made certain words and phrases bold, certain terms slanted certain text regular. It just simply looks random plus too plain.

Sorry if it looks like I am actually having dig the following, I am possibly not. It just isn’t my form of thing.
But I think getting a good commence, you just ought to work on it and make an effort to improve it about you feel it is possible to.

Well regards guys for your replies. This isn’t ever going as a real site, merely a graphic… I just thought We’d make somethin sorda basic.. Im working on a new site structure for my site currently, so you have to see it submitted on here and me asking for your replies inside the near future… Thanks again for that comments and tips!

colour = colouring (I’m from Australia )

I got about to article my reply, nevertheless though i superior check what others said, and noticed some people practialy covered all my thoughts!…

< Valuable Criticism>
JUST ONE. I really hate the excessive greys! Needs more contrast, if you prefer your grey thats fine, however i suguest a bigger pallet… say produce the backround deeper, the main subject matter lighter, and the header bout similar….
TWO. It would almost certainly be better to own your " website. com" in the head from the page, and your slogen " Go to us for website help! " underneath it with smaller text ATM Its just a little to big! I’m sure they’ll still examine it, and possess greater effect in case it’s smaller. This might also want to leave more room to your content now that the " web. com" just isn’t creating unnessesary " bright space" beneath it for the remaining portion of the page!
3. I agree with DanielOliver concerning the menus! Id suguest, removing the top end one, and staying with the side course-plotting!
5. The vertical filled lines! The navigation and subsciber list boxes allready demonstrate the left coloumn, it could actually look better along with simpler without these people
< /Helpful Criticism>

For ones next layout, can i suguest which you pick a colour scheme just before you start! For example, personaly i favor blue (evident generally in most of my work) for instance i’ll make a basic pallet having a master colour, among others before i start off. This way, I’m sure if the colours will work well together, get rid of designs looking for instance an angry fruit flesh salad!

I’ll most often have a master colour,
your background color,
your content track record colour,
after which you can a range colours based on those…
sometimes as well as a highlight coloration, (or rather function colour) ie. your colour that appears out!

To assist you to undrstand what instant messaging blabbing on concerning, i took 15 mins in making you an case pallet, similar o

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