Web page dispaly with errors with chrome and ok on windows internet explorer

Relating to a website: http: //yourwebgate. com
It was before created using " microsoft office publisher 2007".
The idea displays adequatly upon " windows ms explorer", but on chrome- the hot-spots created for links are viewed with marks inside of each link place (please check the website on chrome to discover it).

How does someone solve this problem

Thanks in asvance to your answers.

Most effective regards

Lior P.

It appears like some of your images haven’t also been properly uploaded. Unclear why it’s in the IE, though.

The true solution to your problem is just not to use Writer, honestly. Microsoft products generally employ a notorious reputation with regard to putting out the particular ugliest HTML you are able to imagine, and it seems like Publisher 2007 continues this venerable craze.

CHANGE: Just realized WE didn’t offer virtually any real alternative. The only especially good alternative is usually to (a) consider whether there’s a real need for what you will be building, and (b) learn to write HTML/CSS yourself. At the extremely least, look into a number of the more expensive nonetheless better tools for WYSIWYG site creation.

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