Web services Do yo use them?? What do you think??

Hey guys I had been wondering if anyone has ever heard of using an online service I attained this guys sufferer who sells MA web centers Regarding hemorrhoids heard of this It’s a platform currently in use to build plus maintain websites. The key features of this platform do you find it allows the online marketers complete control through their websites using a WYSIWYG program. So he could charge around 1500 pertaining to initial web build and developed then charge FIFTY. 00 a thirty days to his customers to allow them to keep using the particular WYSIWYG program and the customer care attributes. I have a large amount that he wants me to purchase into this world wide web service, but not as a web expert (like several of you) I am unsure from the value of making use of his WYSIWYG plan verses using a real web developer would benefit an organisation. Any Ideas or Advice can be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much for your time!

Hi DesignerGirl,

There are tons of companies moving proprietary CMSes (content administration systems) still…. though these were more common 5 typical.

The only difference in applying guy is that you will be paying him your licensing fee for your rest of your lifetime.

You are able to go with your Joomla or Drupal CMS, and that is completely FREE, wtih SIMPLY NO licensing fee, and also OWN the internet site, ADD modules for you to it, and just get a web developer that will skin it and also configure it for you personally.

Then you definitely can pay $5 30 days for hosting rather than $50 a thirty day period.


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