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Four years ago, an individual designed our blog, and he proposed I purchase Contribute CS3 making sure that I could edit the positioning myself which We’ve been doing. Since time, he is will no longer in business, and now We need to redesign the net site but need ideas of what design application he used from the beginning. I have your FTP, but need ideas of where to choose from here. I’ve asked some other local designers to redesign the site, but they say that they have to know what program was used from the beginning. Can anyone supply me some guidance Thanks a ton.

I feel just guessing, but We would think since he / she suggested an Adobe product he probably utilised Dreamweaver. But that really (unless We are missing something here) really do not have anything related to designers being capable of redesign the site Is it possible give the URL in the site

When you are going to revamp the website, the software accustomed to create your present website is irrelevant.

While you’re at the item, I’d suggest considering additional tactics for content supervision. A database / CMS solution might fit the bill better.

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