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Hello there, I am fresh to css, along with graphics of web pages, I am carrying out an anti medicine website for teens for a non profit firm, I am considering any ideas correctly, the site that i have made already is incredibly plain, and I am uncertain what to include in it to allow it to be more appealing. MY PARTNER AND I dont know just about any css, I tried to educate yourself it online, however it seemed very puzzling: sleeping:. Is there almost every other languages that I really could use instead of css and if you have any ideas, or suggestions to enhance the look of the site, please allow me to know!

This is the link for you to my draft page
http: //halescomputerservice. com/gcasa/

Thanks for almost any help!

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very little realy css is not hard. you should just cut and stick some small snippets in addition to start playing by it.
remember it is more effective to keep the external style sheet as brussels sheet can be linked to for the total site, making changes extremely fast, easy, and helpful. keep the style sheet from the root dir considering the index page.

and no. learn css or as well as will look such as dodo.

Ok, thanks for that reply! I guess I can try to discover it…


blech, MY PARTNER AND I hate css, if I were you I’d personally forget about learning css so as to create a non profit website.
You’d be much improved off using Drupal or perhaps Joomla. Joomla would likely be easier so you might use as it is learning curve is just not as steep compared to that of Drupal.

If you need to stick with css nonetheless then I suggest as opposed to starting from damage, use a web template and modify it to your liking.

Information great place for free website templates

Desire this helps

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You may also use wordpress as cms and convert your blog to a site. Joomla is has more features than blogger, thus takes more of their time to master it properly. Use joomla provided that u r going to put complex freatures like community building, onloine keep etc.
With wordpress you’ll receive many free templates to apply, so you won’t have to learn css or perhaps web designing.

You didn’t post this inside the PHP forum, and admitted not to knowing CSS,
so a CMS most likely are not the best selection. You really must understand some
things about PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and many others. in order to utilize Joomla or WP.

Locate a free CSS web template (using Google) in addition to download it.
See how that they insert content and images to assist guide you in mastering CSS.

They may be daunting right today, but in a number of weeks, you’ll occur back
to the current thread and guffaw… and know what one other posts mean.

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