website flickering in IE7

Hello there,

When I preview this pages in IE7 as well as ‘flickers’ when POST click my links.
(everything is usually fine in FF, of course)

My main navigation bar consists of anchors with backdrop images applied by CSS. The masthead, body bg along with footer all take advantage of background images used through CSS also. It also feels to happen whenever a regular < img> tag is needed as well.

This definition of, " the images around the page, mostly system – i. age. body bg, masthead, footer bg and many others, blink out and visit or I will even see a fast horizontal white bar flash along the width of the particular screen (the horizontal bar is never inside same place in addition to varies in size). "

Concerning searched for hours and get not found a solution that works 100%, possibly there isn’t just one. The best solution Concerning found so significantly is:

< meta http-equiv=" Page-Enter" content=" revealtrans(duration=0. 0)" />
< meta http-equiv=" Page-Exit" content=" revealtrans(duration=0. 0)" /> 

this will reduce most of a ‘flicker’. Although the masthead bg graphic continues to ‘flicker’ when i click any associated with my links.

I am done trying find the solution via a search engine and also hope all as well as your bright minds has the solution to be able to my problem. Thanks for ones time.

**I am having a website with xampp.
**I are coding my websites in Dreamweaver CS3.

Most likely have a div inside a span somewhere. I’ve noticed that causes the problem personally in IE oftentimes.

The just < span class=" username" > username< /span> & along with < span class=" password" > password< /span> is the only span tags We have.

Can you post a chek out your site

http: //listengaming. com/test/nav_test. phppage=home

This really is just a work beginning. I have noticed to the live server that the ‘flicker’ is not only bad as in my local machine. You will notice that the masthead image and footer image is the ones that ‘flicker’ with the footer doing it the best.

Below may be a screenshot on this IE6. 0

That looks way numerous on FireFox.
I’m guessing when you validate your XHTML along with CSS, you might obtain the problem.

would you have multiple installations of Internet Explorer or will there be an app I can get so I can view it in the different versions

Works fine on this IE, too.

Your design needs some help in IE6, though. Check into PNG filter hack regarding IE5. 5 in addition to IE6

Here it truly is on IE7

Its very wonderful that the information is extremely helpful How work to know about the ‘Flicker’, exactly what it works with servers. I will notice the fact that footer image is the ones that ‘flicker’ when using the footer on that page. but some causes next time i click any associated with my links.

http: //cubicleninjas. com
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