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Just how do i create a perform on my can i allow people to generate their own webpages under my domain

Explanation: I have decided I would prefer to add any function to my website allowing you users to create their own pages to sell their child attention business. This may be text related, together with some small shots. My domain happens to be www. atoz-childcare-directory. com so basically whether a user would create their unique page it would somthing like http: //www. atoz-childcare-direcotry…. are/index. html document

thanks beforehand for any reactions.

How much power are you giving them

They can make a essential HTML page
They can upload their private graphics and photos
Will it be one page, or can they create several pages

Simply how much they are allowed to complete will affect your method
you have, and how significantly security is included. In any instance,
are you the " goto" person after they have problems
It could prove to be very time-consuming for yourself.


Simply basic HTML together with some small design or pix, a single page only. They can only change the content…. any thoughts

gives thanks

You’ll need to first deal with the " member" sign in and password.
That would have been a PHP/MySQL script. Are there that part yet

In that case, you can use something similar to TinyMCE as a home-based WYSIWYG
word editor. Through which, they can additionally upload any images they need.
The storage of the HTML and images would depend on their login ID.
You could make a separate directory per member

http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/

Because you are controlling the particular template, and many people affect the text message only,
you’d probably do some manipulation of their submitted code to generate it
adapt to your template… deleting or restricting just about any HTML that would
exceed the border of what they’re allowed to complete.

TinyMCE also has a way to remove or disable attributes as needed.

The nice thing is always that TinyMCE handles your upload part.
A different online editor can be: FCKeditor http: //www. fckeditor. net/

thanks let me look into this.. yes working over a MySQL database currently.

http: //www. cushycms. com/

You wish an easy method Head to http: //wordpress. org/ and also download wordpress.

People read their 5 VARIOUS minute install as well as put it in ABCdaycare folder.

Then you setup users. Individuals users can include pages and simply edit the internet pages they add. WordPress has ranks.

  • Administrator – Somebody who may have access to all of the administration features
  • Editor – Somebody who is able to publish posts, manage posts and also manage other clients’ posts, etc.
  • Author – Somebody who is able to publish and manage their very own posts
  • Contributor – Somebody who is able to write and control their posts and not publish posts
  • Subscriber – Somebody who is able to read comments/comment/receive news flash letters, etc.

Depending against your level of programing abilities. I have programed the blog system with one user also it took me the best 2 days as being a semi-pro at php mysql.

WordPress you will get up and running with solid functionality. Only thing you have got to do is style your header plus footer to when it seamlessly integrates internet.

I have been using both Joomla as well as Mambo CMS. If you had already designed it on dreamweaver it only needs some small tweaks on your code.. Put all your images in a single folder, all css files in a single folder then you should create an XML archive which lists down any files with now there respective location graphics, CSS, HTML, PHP.

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