Website Idea…Looking for some advice

I’ve got a notion for developing a web site that is centered around promoting golf, golf travel, world of golf courses, and the actual selling of golf products online. To receive the website off and running, I’m organization starting with a new database of tennis courses section, any forum section, any golf news section, and a modest retail or world of golf products section.

I’m looking for advice on the simplest way to implement different sections, and just complete general advice at things I needs to be thinking about before I get yourself started this website. By way of example:

Data source of golf training SECTION:
-What’s the most beneficial database to use
-What should this host have with his server to perform database
-Are there different database concerns I needs to be thinking about
-What would that cost me to obtain someone create the database component to this website (Just the necessary coding and webpages to process your data)

Website SECTION:
I think I will start out simply by using a free board.
-What will be the top 2 cost-free boards
-Would I often be better off starting which has a pay board (vbulletin regarding example)

World of golf News SECTION:
-Typically how must websites list News flash Stories… are links added manually day after day, or can that be automated. I’m thinking I might have the ability to use something like a news bot, or news service to get together news stories… Although there is probably not one just regarding " Golf" news flash.

World of golf Products – Store SECTION:
-What regarded as a use for searching cart (e-Commerce) software
-What regarded as a be looking regarding in shopping carry software
-How will shopping cart software program process credit cards

What number of newb Q’s was I allowed in one post…: cross-eyed:
There might be a few much more…. I’m trying to get together as much information as you possibly can, so that Allow me to hit the ground running using this type of website. I’d value any advice, thoughts, or things thinking about in regards to help starting this webpage, and the matters above.

Appears like you have alot to educate yourself before starting this kind of an ambitious task. I’d recommend starting by learning a new language, because many of these issues can possibly be addressed by just one language. For illustration, if you figured out PHP:

  1. You could hook up to a database on your Golf Courses section (you could create the database in the event you learned MySQL)
  2. You may maintain a bulletin board like vBulletin (what this kind of forum runs on)
  3. You may incorporate a news flash feed, or create a dynamic news sections.

The retail section would be your hardest, and probably most high-ticket to build.

All the best.

I think ones right as considerably PHP-MySQL being ideal. The thing is I are deprived of much time right this moment to learn PHP-MySQL. Right this moment my thinking would be to hire someone to code what’s necessary for that database. Then I could enter the information myself and hopefully have the ability to add a area or two if required to the database program code.

So far as the News Section….. Looks like it provides to be updated manually each and every day. Maybe I could also provide " general news" that could often be piped in by a news service or even feed…. not sure I thought another might be using something such as this on their particular site

That retail section….. I wouldn’t even attempt to build something of this magnitude. I’m thinking I’ll just buy a " e-Commerce Solution", or maybe shopping cart software program… however you want to put it. I used to be just looking at Webshop Platinum…. with regard to no particular cause, and the cost was $150. 00. I will be able to make that back after several orders are put.

Maybe I won’t have thrown so much into one submit, but hey, should you have some advice as well as opinion on any in the topics I’d love to hear them.

The idea sounds great, but if you’re going to invest much money into that, I would also suggest two issues:

  1. Make sure the structure looks VERY professional which is very user favorable. If you want people to make use of this as some sort of golf portal, compare it to other portals which might be popular: Yahoo, WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER, etc. No one should look at a strong ugly portal each day.
  2. Moreover, try to think of something that will differentiate your web blog from the group. It’s hard to think of something that hasn’t ended up done over the internet, but if you can you’ll need a greater possibility of making it over the internet.

Good luck w/ coursesmart.

-What’s the most beneficial database to use
mySQL, any flavor

-What should this host have with his server to perform database

-Are there different database concerns I needs to be thinking about
you’ll need a language to interact with the database, PHP is greatest / CGI Perl is good for finding free scripts

-What would that cost me to obtain someone create the database component to this website (Just the necessary coding and webpages to process your data)
All hangs who you use and how complex you ensure it is, I’m cheap

If you want news stories you’ll probably want to be them yourself. Take into account that a lot of stories are copyrighted, and most require at lowest giving credit along with a link. You may possibly do best for you to just write the actual articles yourself, unless you mind doing that.

Shopping carts usually are not cheap, but I would suggest buying one instead of having one commissioned. If the site is rather small you can often get by using PayPal. Cyber cash is usually another popular strategy to use, though We have never personally caused it.

im lazy, and havent truly read ur submit properly (and i’m ill, dunno what that has to do with anything tho), so im just gonna answer ur discussion board software quesion
name say IBF along with wBB 1. 2 are currently the most beneficial free forum software package, and vBulletin in addition to wBB 2. x will be the best forum software package that costs
soon BVBB will be the best free discussion board software tho, and maybe website software that costs if it gets up to scratch…

wBB1. A COUPLE OF – examples… anyone – Just snoopin around a strong i dont learn how 2 find anything like this…

– thx for any suggestions. I do get some different ideas because of this website that Related to will set it in addition to the rest. So far as the design is worried…. I’ve got my eye over a template that liquid2d. com sets out. Right now I’m wanting to duplicate it to some extent + add my personal touch towards design.

– thx I am just gonna keep you in your mind about creating the actual database. It still might not be too complicated. The kind connected with data I’m contemplating displaying would be a " Name-Rank-Serial #" kinda basic data set to begin with. How easy would likely it be for me to add data for the database. I was thinking of only starting out with a 100-500 tutorials, and then I could add more as time proceeded.

– thx for any forum suggestions. Right this moment I’m leaning in direction of Invision Board. I sure would like to have vBulletin to begin with, but I’m starting this site on a sneaker string budget because it is. Definately vBulletin….. in time.

I’ve got a news go after my site in the news section. Consider the code, it’s just a few lines that connect it into our site – they do plenty of different feeds depending on what you look for. I don’t find out their URL but a chek out them appears each and every few news things so you’ll see it inside the list.

mossoi – I checked out your news segment. I think this is what I’m looking for so far as a " general news" feed. Thanks for any lead on this particular. If anyone other than them knows of various other news feeds remember to post them…

I would claim that Invision does just around vBulletin, and using some ways is far more manageable… I have an atmosphere that vBulletin can be written in ASP () so you might get problems running it around the same servers as your php/mySQL database driven site.

Never underestimate bandwidth… the quantity of people who make a fantastic site by using databases, forums etc and then less than a week after going live coursesmart is down caused by exceeding the month-to-month quota. If you will be expecting
a) plenty of visitors
b) plenty of posts to your forum
… then you definately need bucket plenty of bandwidth.

Should you have any contacts with organisations doing things very much alike what you envisage, see whenever you can get them to help reveal their regular bandwidth usage… remember… if you possess a 100k webpage (eg. one with lots of text and numerous 5-10k images) then all you need is TEN visitors to access that page and you’re approximately 1MB of bandwidth used *already*

Many cheap hosts say offers like " 50MB connected with space, and 200MB connected with bandwidth per month"… 200MB isn’t considerably… especially if you’ve used almost all of your 50MB with site’s niche!! It’s not quite simply by as " 4 visitors and you’re knackered" as they’re unlikely to check out everything on the webpage, but it sets it in view!

Also, the sites that close your site when you exceed your bandwidth are usually the best ones being with… many don’t make it happen, but charge everyone extra. Let’s say you will be paying $10/month on your 200MB of bandwidth… they’re choose charge you $1/MB as well as something ridiculous… so instead of $10 your bill arrives which is $350… ARRGHHHH!!!!

Be warned!


For Database MySQL is a best

With regard to Bulletion Board
paid Vbulletion is a greatest
cost-free PhpBB

With regard to Shopping Cart

Oscommerce is wonderful but for a reduced amount of effort in customisation x-cart is a best i in person feel this because i worked on both of these

With regard to NEWS… hummm
What do u think about PhpN

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