Website is designed, how do I use it with Joomla, drupal, etc.?

Im starting my own , personal website and it’s been going okay. I want the how does a person be like 5blogs inside 1.

our layout is:

Now my challenge is updating the site daily. I read i should use any CMS, but how to use " MY" design having a CMS like Joomla or perhaps Drupal

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I picture an individual using WordPress for like that.
Easiest to find out and sort connected with easy to customize your special template.

You discover a template (free online templates… use Google to search), variety of
towards the design you desire, and then customize it along with your own graphics,
shades, etc.

Using WP will help you create several types, and the needed plug-ins
pertaining to RSS feeds, rating/voting models, etc.

When you are the one updating the positioning, then there is no requirement a cms.

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