Website loads and shifts left???

Hello there,

I have a website that has simply just gone on line.

When the page loads the idea initially site about the right and after that shifts left (to centralise the actual page)

I concept of as to why this is happening – any help could well be greatly appreciated.

The site is built upon Joomla 1. FIVE. The address will be http: //www. spottedpanda. com

Style regards


Hello Sdavies1,

I wish I could truthfully tell you what is wrong, but right after analyzing the reference code I observed nothing wrong. Try validating the HTML / XHTML / CSS resistant to the W3 validator, discovered > here<

Additionally, try asking this question while in the Joomla Help Section

Hope it helps,

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My guess could be that the ultimate cause for the shift from the right is that your includes a on it.

The other source of your problems is the fact your content is all inside a table for system purposes. This is a big mistake, if for very little other reason than the usual table doesn’t render until all its contents usually are loaded.

What actually is your web-site starts " justified" (table might be prepended by other content, so it gets pushed over to the right), next after everything is definitely loaded, the table correctly renders and pops returning to center.

Dump the table-based layout might be fine.

Short-term deal with, though, would probably be reduce the on the body element – it’s not really used at any rate.

That may be on.

Good luck!

By the way in which, is that Joomla

Yes it’s Joomla 1. 5

We’ve removed the " justified" plus it still is changing left.

The leading page is entirely W3C validated devoid of errors (CSS & XHTML).

Concerning dumping the desk based layout – This isn’t my design but We are looking to correct the tiny problems, not redesign an entire site.

Any further ideas


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