Website looks/acts different after being uploaded

Quite simply I put an image with the side of this page, peeking out from behind the textual content. It looks good if i check it locally (file –> wide open, etc), but right after uploading it, it image is pushed up to the right. Additionally, the sliding banner of snap shots breaks in Chrome (but exclusively after uploading, it is fine locally). What is considered causing this

The way it looks locally in Opera/IE/Firefox/Chrome

How it takes care of uploading in Opera/IE/Firefox

How it takes care of uploading in Chrome(I zoomed out to have the whole picture)

The particular CSS

The particular HTML (I taken out the lorem ipsum intended for viewing convenience)

The particular uploaded website

When it makes any difference, I’m importing through HostMantis by using CPanel.

It has related to this:

padding-left: 790px;
elevation: 384px;
position: absolute;
margin-top: -500px;
z-index: -1;

But I’m uncertain of which part.
Start removing elements and see what happens.

Okay, WHEN I removed the height. The rest tend to be pretty necessary. I recently can’t understand the reason why it looks fine through the file, but definitely not when it’s downloaded. I’ve also tested out moving the < div id=" sidebar" > about the document, but the same thing happens. Would my very best bet be to help just change the actual picture to have a large amount of transparency and after that just center it Or will there be anything else Allow me to do

Do not own the picture…
Could it be really serving any beneficial purpose

Give thought to users having several sized monitors in addition to browsers.
It’s possible that many won’t even be capable to see it anyways.
And why don’t you consider smartphone and iPad users Facing it do to get them

Weigh how much effort, stress, and also time you’re placing into this…
in comparison with what benefit it offers the person.

I’m conscious of this, and normally POST wouldn’t even develop the picture, but having some form of background is a new requirement (This website is good for a school project). Problem is would be that the teacher grading this includes a very low-res moniter, so formerly suffering with tinnitus trying to help make this fit having min-width.

Considering that the post, however, I’ve managed to renovate the image setting. The same problem stays in Chrome nonetheless, when the graphic pushes the photos down, like the following: http: //i. imgur. com/AqE7b. png

Any ideas with this Sorry for inquiring so may doubts.

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